Saturday, September 6, 2008

Row House Swap is complete!

The Row House swap is complete and was sent out to participants, today! An almost mind boggling total of 35 participants created 278 Row Houses - wow!! I took my photos and made a fun slide show to show off some of the houses that were made (1 photo for everyone) -you can see all the photos I took for the swap HERE (link incluses this post so scroll down). Thanks to everyone who participated -great job!! : ^ ) You can click on 'view all images' to see larger photos in a new window (and perhaps find your own houses!).


Carol Stocker said...

Lenna, this was so nice of you to do. What a great variety of row houses. I will be watching for the mail carrier..nose pressed to the window and hands outstretched! Gimme! Gimmee!
Thanks for everything...hugs, Carol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the slide show! It was fun to see them all again without having to scroll through (while I ate a sandwich! LOL). Such nice work here.

dj said...

Great job! Loved the new addition.

catworx said...

What a wonderful slide show!!! And even better, I received my fabulous swap row houses in todays' mail!!! They are so amazing, I couldn't be more thrilled!!!
Thank you Lenna, for organizing this oh so fun swap, your creativity and clever ideas are always so much fun!!!


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