Saturday, July 26, 2008

On vacation ::: July 27 - Aug 10

We will be on vacation!, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I have just caught up with all the recent packages that have flown into my mailbox lately, whew! There are quite a few new posts below, so enjoy! You are welcome to make comments to the blog or email me, but everything will be *held* for 2 weeks until we return as we are going sans-computers. Our mail is being picked up, but I will not be able to alert you of the arrival of your swap package until I return. I will finish scanning the Itty Bitty swap during the week of the 11th and hopefully get it sent out the week of the 18th ~ that's my plan!

All of the brown & robin's egg blue quilties were sent out on July 23rd and most have reached their destinations -- a few have a bit farther to go! I have just a couple of new swaps to announce that will carry us through the year's end, but I am waiting until probably August 15th or 16th to announce them so I can be here to sign participants up!

Steven and I are really looking forward to visiting Wolfe Island again. We are towing up my father's handmade Melonseed 15 ft wooden sailboat, and bringing one of his handmade canoes too. It is a long drive to Ontario (about 7 hrs) and a ferry ride, but we don't mind! I will catch up with everything when I return. Have a great 2 weeks and keep creative!

Row House Swap: Linda Kunsman ~ Pennsylvania

Linda K from PA has sent in TWO sets of Row Houses, lucky us! Please don't worry about not including an extra one, Linda -it is perfectly ok! I understand. I am also hoping to participate in this swap (I even have some blank houses packed for our vacation) so I can trade through the swap as I like! ; ^ )
A wonderful job, as always, Linda -thanks!

Row House Swap: Janice Perkin

We have received 5 wonderful Row Houses for our swap due August 30th, from Janice Perkin in the UK -Thanks so much, Janice! (click on the photo for more detail)

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Jo~Ann Reichert

From Jo~Ann Reichert, my friend in art in PA, we have a set of 6 Itty Bitty collages & an extra one for me - thanks! Jo~Ann wrote and said I inspired her to paint more, I think through the on-line/email course (fabric stamping & painting) she took with me earlier this year -- and so, that is what she did for this swap! Jo~Ann says she created her Itty Bittys on cloth/paper canvas, I think similar to the kind I purchase in a large pad and cut down to size.

Jo~Ann used free motion stitching for the sun as well as clay, texture paint and acrylic paint. She says that Diamond Glaze makes the water shine and she added embellishments of shells and coins to add interest to her Itty Bittys. Here they all are -- and thanks for the extra Itty Bitty for me!

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Janice Perkin

We are lucky to have Janice from Warrington, UK joining us again. She created 6 wonderful Itty Bitty collages based on what summer means to her. I am also including a look at the back of her collages -- if you click on the photo you may be able to read some of the cool places in the UK Janice has visited in the summers!

Thanks, Janice : ^ )

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson, who leads the Fabric in Altered Art yahoo group, has joined us in another swap -hooray! Cathy has put together a favorite paper image with stitching to create her 3"x3" Itty Bitty collages, her first. Please go to her blog to read more about how she made them and learn about her yahoo group!

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Letha Richardson

From Letha in Cody, Wyoming . . . I wonder if Letha knows my friend through art swaps, Cynthia Weed? She also lives in Cody, Wyoming!

Anyway, Letha has created 2 sets of wonderful Itty Bitty Collages for our August swap. There is a close-up of two of them to your right, and a photo of ALL of Letha's collages below -click on either picture for more detail. Thank you for the extra collage for me, Letha!

See more of Letha's art on her blog.

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Caroline Outz Hay

From Caroline in Columbus, MS we have six very textured, beaded and even glittered -- summer themed itty bitty collages for our swap due on August 9th. Please take a look at Caroline's blog - she has a wonderful close-up slide show of her collages, jus scroll down! Thank you, Caroline. Glad you joined us!

Shades of Sunshine Quilties: Norma Bullen

Norma Bullen from Victoria, AUSTRALIA has sent in her shades of sunshine quilties due September 20th! Norma wrote me that she thoroughly enjoyed this swap as it kept her thinking beyond her normal range. That is so great!

Below are the rest of Norma's Quilties. You can click on any photo for more detail.

Norma added some directions for us, too. She wrote that she started by making a sheet of fabric paper with serviettes (paper napkins)magazine clippings, other photos, paint, stamps, etc. She hand painted white panne velvet with dye-na-flow paints by Jacquard in hot pink, yellow & scarlet. Norma said she loved how that came out -- me too! Then Norma copied her fabric paper collage onto printer fabric and cut out portions to used, teamed them up with Alpha Stamps fabric images from the bathing beauty sheet. Next, she machine quilted the background, and embellished with hand painted lace, beads & flowers. The "lifesaver" is a washer covered with sparkly threads. The words were printed with a clear dyno labeler and Norma says they came from the depths of her brain : ^ )

Awesome! Thank you, Norma. I am so happy I can choose one for myself!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

update: Shades of Spring/ Brown+Blue Quilties

Just to let you know -- I have almost all of the quilties I was expecting by today, which is the due date for this swap. Jolande from the Netherlands mailed her package on July 4th, and yet, it was still NOT in my mailbox today. Because Jolande has successfully completed so many swaps with me, I told her I could wait another day (or maybe 2, at the most) but then I would HAVE TO go ahead and swap these quilties out. We will be leaving for vacation on July 27th so it must be done next week!

If you did not see my earlier note - we will be GONE July 27 - Aug 10 to beautiful Wolfe Island, across from Kingston in Ontario, Canada. I have elected NOT to bring a laptop computer & hook up to a dial-up service this year, so I will be out of touch those 2 weeks. There will be someone here taking care of the cats and collecting my mail, so please continue to send in your swaps for the Itty Bitty collages, Row House Swaps, or the Shades of Sunshine Quilties. If you have any questions about those swaps, please email me this week, before the 27th! Thanks : ) I will let you know when the Brown & Blue Quilties are zooming their way towards their new homes!

Shades of Sunshine Quilties: Louise Lucero

Louise Lucero from Albuquerque, NM has sent in a HOT set of Quilties for our shades of sunshine swap due September 20, 2008. If I remember correctly, Louise is going to be a grandmother for the first time and wanted her swaps done before the new arrival, arrived! To the left is a close-up, I will add a full photo below. Click on any photo for more detail. I am enjoying the "dangles" Louise added hanging off the left side of her quilties and the beading too. I love the back side of her quilties as well --

Thank you for the extra one, Louise!! : ) and best wishes with the upcoming birth.

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Sandra Skies Ludwig

Here is a beautiful set of Brown & Blue Quilties from Sandra in PA. Sandra has taken online classes with me but I believe this is her first creative swap? I love what you have done, Sandra -mixing up fabric, paper & transparencies, not to meantion feathers, leaves, yarn & trims! Thanks very much for the extra quiltie for me!

You can see more of Sandra's fabric art on her flickr photo site.

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Andrea Millington

Andrea Millington, from the UK has created some more unusual brown & blue quilties - please visit her blog for a detailed account on how she made these! She goes by the name of "Indigo Blue" and has a website and more where you can see beautiful handcrafted items that she makes & sells.
Andrea did write and tell me about her pieces:

My swaps: I scanned in some wallpaper then printed it on fabric which is paper backed.I then used fabric pens to highlight key areas.Used Machine embroidery on top of this, plus glittery tee shirt transfer paper, brads and a bit of felt to add to the quilties.

Very cool!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Michele Witchell

From Michele Witchell in Wisconsin, a set of very textured quilties blooming with flowering trees! It is nice that many of the quilties are using the same elements -trees, birds, eggs & flowers. When you receive your quilties back from different artists, they will still make a lovely composition when put together!

Wonderful stitching, Michele! I love your flowers at the bottom of each quiltie. Sorry for the plastic bags on the quilties, but they were stapled at the top & I did not want to rip the bags when removing them for photographing . . . .
Michele has been a featured guest artist at Alpha Stamps and you can also visit her blog here!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Dawn Sellers

We have a "folk-art style" set of quilties from Dawn Sellers in Oregon. Dawn made a set of 4 and an extra for me. I am very lucky-thanks, Dawn!

Dawn also created an extra nice label for the back of her quilties, complete with birds, and she varied the old brown & blue buttons she used for the front of her peices. Dawn wrote about creating her quilties on her blog and you can see a nice close-up of one of them on her flickr photo site! Enjoy.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Terri Murphy

From Terri Murphy in Jacksonville, FL a lovely set of quilties for our shades of spring swap! I do think that the words "spring", "brown" and "robin's egg blue" made many of the participants think of eggs, spring/rebirth and birds. It is really delightful to see all the variations on this theme come in.

Terri very kindly created an extra quiltie for me and proceeded to wrap mine up with brown & blue ribbons (with some Earl Grey tea tucked inside). Thank you, Terri!

You can read more about Terri's quilties on her blog!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Joanie Hoffman

From Joanie in Maryland, a sweet set of brown & Blue quilties. Joanie always comes up with something different - I love it! She has also included a treat for me of an extra quiltie and some embroidery thread, thank you!

Joan also enclosed a note saying she hoped my dad is doing well, and yES! So sorry if I have not written about that - life seems extra busy lately. My dad is doing well. He has come leaps & bounds after his illness(s) - a pacemaker, stint, angio seal, arthritis in his back, an ulcer, a stroke, a cancerous tumor in his colon, 2 infections and tons of antibiotics all in 4 months -sheesh. Fortunately, he got through it all and is recovering and getting stronger. Physical Therapy is helping a lot. I talk to my parents often (they are in FL - I am in CT). Thanks for asking, Joanie! I hope you don't mind I wrote my answer publicly as I am sure I have forgotten to update others who are also wondering! My dad is purchasing a new computer (with help from Steven who is a senior level tech/computer system architect) and he really seems well, considering. Surgery for my dad in the future (reverse the colostomy) but nothing is a rush; when he is stronger. Thanks!

We will be on vacation!

We will be on vacation!, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

: ^ ) we are visiting Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada: July 27 - August 10. Continue to send your swaps, PLEASE! Someone will be here picking up the mail (your packages!), watching the house and snuggling with the cats!

I will be here for another week or so, adding more uploads & swaping out the shades of spring: Brown & Blue Quilties. Lovely work! More posts on that soon. : ) Lenna

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Fiona Brockie

Fiona Brockie, from Aberdeen Scotland is at it again! She is participating in yet another swap of mine -- this makes number 8 here with me, at creative swaps, wow! I really admire Fiona's way of combining fabric and paper with other mixed media embellishments. The quiltie shown here is a great example! Click on it for greater detail. I love all her background stitching, free-form style and how she used things in her composition that mean "spring" to her -- Fiona writes: "plants & butterflies, and changing from warm winter woolens to chic springtime girlie clothes. Eggs symbolize Easter and the sense of renewal with each new year and a hope of accomplishment & achievement. In fact: the blue brown theme just makes me think of bird's eggs!" Thank you so much Fiona, especially for the extra quiltie for me! : )

You can see more photos of Fiona's quilties on her flickr account - enjoy!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Rose Momsen

Oh my! Rose Momsen from WA sent in 2 sets of quilties with an extra in each bunch for me! Your generosity is really appreciated, Rose.

I could get lost looking at Rose's quilties. All the stitching, the colours, and the true 'mini quilt' look of her quilties just draws me in. Thanks for participating, Rose!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Gayle Gross

Gayle Gross is actually from NJ, but writing and sending to me from summer camp in NY, where she is now working - what dedication! Gayle sent in 5 delicious brown & blue quilties and I have 2 beautiful close-ups to show you here.

Thanks so much, Gayle. Your quilties are awesome!

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Teri Calia

Teri Calia from Emeryville, CA sent in 6 colorful itty bitty collages for our swap and an extra for me - thanks so much! I think the "summer" theme for these 3"x3" collages has many people thinking of bright colors, flowers & butterflies! I know Teri said the size and theme really inspired her to create. What fun to put your swapped sets together after you receive them and make a small book or frame the mini collages : )

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Sue Lee

From Sue Lee in Sioux Falls, SD we have 5 really interesting brown & blue quilties! As you read along, if you are wondering why you see so many quiltie posts in a row . . . all quilties are due here on the 19th of July so everyone is scrambling to get them sent in on time. I am expecting about a dozen more before Saturday!

Take a look at Sue's quilties by clicking on any photo for more detail. They are so great! Thanks, Sue!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Sara Davis

Sara Davis from WV sent in two sets of brown & blue quilties for our shades of spring swap. You must click on the photos for a better look! Sara used upholstery fabric, old fabrics, ribbons, and old costume jewelry . . . if you look closely you should see some egg images through the sheer fabric in the middle!

Thanks very much for participating, Sara!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Patricia Schweitzer

From Patricia in Kentucky, 5 quilties for our swap that are similar yet different -a variation on a theme. Very nice use of micro beads to texturize the hand painted branches, plus a cool fabric 'netting' nest with paper eggs on each one. Thanks so much, Patricia ; ^ )

Click on the photos for more detail!

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Leah C.

From Leah in Texas we have received a set of great mixed media quilties. Leah did a fantastic job of combining paper images with fabric and sewing them on, one of my favorite things to do!

Below are all of Leah's, quilties - just click on any photo for more detail. Thanks, Leah! You did great for your first time making quilties : ))

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Joellyn Quinn

From Joellyn in Sun Prarie, WI we have received 5 beautifully stitched quilties featuring butterflies and a hidden verse (click on any photo for more detail). Wonderful, colorful stitching & a great addition to our swap! Thanks so much for the extra quiltie, Joellyn.

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Jennifer Rogers-Daniels

From Jennifer in California, 5 yummy, dreamy shades of spring quilties for our swap due Saturday the 19th.
I love the bird images Jennifer used and this colour combination is really growing on me!
Thanks so much for the extra quiltie, Jennifer & the wonderful job you did creating these.

Shades of Spring/ Brown + Blue Quilties: Donna Butcher

From Donna Butcher in CA- we have received 5 lovely shades of spring quilties! Donna wrote down how & why she created each quiltie and added these notes to her package for me to send along to her swap participants. That's a great idea, and certainly makes the swap more personal. Below is one of Donna's quilties close up (click on any picture for more detail).

Thanks, Donna!. I appreciate the extra quiltie!


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