Saturday, July 21, 2012

update: prayer flag swap

There are 40 participants signed up for the prayer flag swap and Registration has CLOSED. I'm traveling during the month of August and we'll have limited internet access so I have decided to close the registration and wrap up the paper work before I go. Thanks so much for your response. Forty participants is really fantastic - I am so pleased!!

I'm very happy with our participant list too - go check out who I will be receiving from! I've already received 3 different and wonderful sets of 3 prayer flags. See them listed below this post or on the blog if you are receiving this as a feed. All swaps are due September 15th and all prayer flags will be showcased here on the blog. For more information about the prayer flag swap, click HERE!

prayer flags by Marnie, Leslie S and Frieda

Frieda Oxenham -prayer flag swap

From my good friend Frieda in Scotland, we have 4 flags. She made three for the swap and an extra one for me! Thank you again. She wrote a post about them HERE. There are 2 more posts below this one so scroll down or visit this link on the blog to see all the flags!

 I'm going to choose this one below as my gift from Frieda, so generous!!
 and the backs look like this . .. . they will be blowing in the wind  : )
Thank you Frieda, love your artistry!

Leslie Sowden -prayer flag swap

From Leslie Sowden in California we have 3 prayer flags that are old-fashioned looking and so very pretty!  Leslie used things from the Thrift store and things from around her house. Get the full details here on her blogpost! 

 the backs . . . 
Love your beading Leslie, thanks so much for the leaf beads you sent. You know my tastes very well, I love them! I also really like the sprayed inks you used on your flags.
Go to Leslie's blog for more.

Marnie Blum -prayer flag swap

How exciting! We have three (sets of 3) prayer flags for our swap due Sept. 15th that are here! Let me start with Marnie Blum from North Carolina. She has made some gorgeous flags in a very creative way, by copying her art journal pages onto canvas. You can read more about her process on her blog. Here are her lovely flags . . . .

 I like how she packaged them, very nice! 
The dangles are so nice, I can imagine them in the wind . . . 

The backs . . . 

thanks so much, Marnie! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prayer Flag Swap

We have a fantastic group of - 40 - creative participants registered for the prayer flag swap, as of July 25th, 2012. Wow! It's so fantastic to have such great creative energy collected for this fun project due September 15th. Since I will only take up to 40 participants for this swap, registration has now closed. Scroll down for more info if are reading this on the blog, or follow this link for more details on the swap.

thanks so much! lenna 


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