Thursday, October 22, 2009

saying hello

I feel badly there has been no art or swaps here for quite some time now. We are still working on selling our home and it is hard in this market when you do not have a cookie-cutter house! But we are persevering, have dropped the price, have an Open House this Sunday, October 25th, from 12-2pm and we have been having showings as well. So there is hope. I so want to join my mom and dad in Florida. My dad recently had a PET scan to see how his liver cancer is doing and his Dr just told him, "Good news on PET/CT. Significantly improved. The damn stuff is working." - he is talking about xelota - the chemo my dad is doing. Dad has also done radiation.

Anyway, that is where i am, if any of you are still out there!! If you hang onto this link or email notification, one day i will announce a new swap! But not now : )) just checking in. Hope you are all well.


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