Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lenna Andrews - Inspiration Collage Swap!

 ❤ YES! I decided I would make 3 collages for the swap! I often play in my own swaps as it's a fun thing to do. Thanks very much to all of you who either sent an extra collage or some collage goodies with your swaps -or both. I appreciate all of these things. This is not a swap requirement, so do not worry if you did not do this . . . it's simply helpful to me and enjoyed.

Earlier today I was waiting on 2 possible outstanding packages & neither one has arrived. One was definitely mailed from overseas earlier this week and the other one, I'm not sure if it was sent or not. But today is the deadline for all swaps to be here. I will start swapping what I have in my hands. For the one package that is still coming, I will use any extra collages or collage bits that were sent and I will swap these extras for the late swaps so something is received by the participant... but anything late cannot be part of our regular swap that I will do today. I need to run my swaps this way, with no one waiting for packages because I have been through that before (yuck) and learned the hard way!!

Anyways . . . here is what I came up with myself. And I want to let you know I am organizing a new swap idea! Plus, I will announce here when all is swapped and sent. Thank YOU! 

Tea dyed paper, a familiar looking ticket (for this swap)
Two photos of me, watercolor crayons
recycled cardboard from box wine & a bit of an old map

The scan did not do this justice, so a photo
Old music paper some of you received 
Paper from Mary Green's class, collage square from ARTchix Studio
Tea bag tag and Colorshine Gold spray ink from Heidi Swapp

Fabric & paper plus watercolor crayons
The fabric is a leftover unfinished ATC from Color Groupies in 2009! 
I sewed it to the 5x5 card as it was rough with batting on the back
I enjoyed sewing on paper.

I hope you enjoyed, I will be back with a note when the swaps are sent.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Julie Wolkoff - Inspiration Collage Swap

This is Julie's 4th Creative Swap - Yay! Glad to have you, Julie.

I especially love this one
It has a lot of feeling I think



I believe Julie works with fabric for the most part, her first 3 swaps were fabric
None the less, your collages are fabulous, Julie! 


Cynthia Zdanzukas - Inspiration Collage swap

These collages are from Cynthia in CT, who now lives down the road from where I used to live in Canton, CT. It get even odder . . .  she recently found out her new boss owns the house in Avon, CT (he bought it from us) where we used to live 6 years ago . . . it's a very small world sometimes! Cynthia has done many, many swaps with me -this marks her 12th one!

So beautiful! 

Thank you Cynthia ❤

Julia Lang - Inspiration Collage Swap

From Julia Lang in NY - we have 3 wonderful collages:

I so enjoy seeing all the creative variations 
and spying things I sent in the collage goody bag! 

Wonderful, Julia :0)

Jil Manning - Inspiration Collage Swap

From California, Jil Manning's collages have arrived!
I really like them, they are a bit different and very appealing. So glad you joined us, Jil!

so lovely!! 

I've got a few to upload tonight,
so I'll keep this short & sweet.
Please know I love receiving all of your art
and especially looking at it first hand. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sharon Borsavage - Inspiration Collage Swap

Sharon is a dear friend of mine, we met online a few years ago and even altered 2 books together! Sharon's book is HERE and our work in both books is HERE. I love Sharon's collage and she has treated us with 3 in her wonderful style . . .

Thank you, Sharon! 
This was the only package I received today.
I have Friday & Saturday left to receive - and there are 6 outstanding left
to come in. Fingers crossed!! let me know if you have to drop, thanks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lisa Robinson - Inspiration Collage Swap

Lisa's package is the 26th one to fly into my mailbox! We are only waiting on 9 more swap packages to get here by Saturday, the deadline day. I have my fingers crossed they will all make it! Whatever I have in my hands on that day is what I will swap back out to the participants, starting on Saturday. And I am planning another swap if you are interested . . . I will let you know the details soon.

Here are Lisa's collages; I am very fond of them! This is Lisa's 7th Creative Swap.

Barbara Roberts - Inspiration Collage Swap

From Barbara Roberts in Florida, 3 collages that really utilized the collage grab bag I sent. I spy so many things I recognize! You pulled them all together very nicely Barbara. Thanks for joining us for your 8th or 9th Creative Swap!

Really all so lovely! 

Ann Hall - Inspiration Swap

I am so happy my friend Ann Hall could join us. She is preparing to move and at one point told me she had packed all her glues -eeep!! :0) Obviously she got a hold of some glue, as her finished collages arrived in my mailbox today. Hooray!

They have a lovely shabby-chic look to them . . . 

Very nice! Thank you Ann. ❤

Monday, January 25, 2016

Laura Hummel - Inspiration Collage

This is Laura's 10th Creative swap! Congratulations. I am so glad to hear you were happy to be part of this swap, Laura. I'm happy you participated! Laura's collages also had to fight storm Jonas to get here from MD, but they made it, hooray. Best wishes for the rest of the swap pieces that are on their way to get here by Saturday!

Laura wrote and said, "I used a lot of what you sent . . . 
but it is hidden under paint & houses."

I still spy a lot! 

Laura made an extra collage for me as a gift, thank you! 

Oh wait, her note says, "HELP . . . I can't stop doing these
houses!!" :0) I don't know Laura, I think that could be a good thing! 
They look great. Thanks so much for your art. 

Barbara Warrick-Fischer - Inspiration Collage

From Barbara in NY, 3 awesome collages. They made it here despite the blizzard, hooray!

Isn't this a beautiful collage?

 Barbara transferred the quote, which I think I sent on white paper!
I love the "stamp head" father sitting in  the chair :)

 Awesome job, all around Barbara, Thank you! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

just for fun

I have added a new "Header" to the blog - a photo grouping that shares one collage of everyone I have received from so far! Go here to see it: Creative Swaps. I will make a new blog header a week from now when all of the swaps are in! whoo hoo!! Thank you . . . Lenna

Sabine Schneider - Inspiration Collage

Sabine Schneider from Germany has participated in another one of my swaps again - I believe this is her 15th creative swap! WOW!! I have a list in the sidebar of the blog that tracks this . . .  so amazing! Anyway, here are the lovely collages Sabine sent in for our swap:

Thank you Sabine for your ongoing participation, your beautiful collages 
and for the generous packet of collage goodies you sent!!! xo

Karen Le Guilcher - Inspiration Collage

Karen is from the Channel Islands UK off the French Coast. It took about 3 weeks for her swap envelope to reach me, my goodness. I am hoping her swap returns find their way to the island more quickly . . . I met Karen through the Blipfoto photo journal site (here's my journal) and fortunately for us she found my website and this swap! Here are the lovely collages Karen sent in:

Thank you Karen!! So glad you joined us.

Pam Gonzalez - Inspiration Collage

Pam is a crazy quilter and beader who participated in my paper & fabric bead swap a couple of years ago as well as a postcard swap I hosted; she made yummy fabric postcards! She sent a note with her collages saying if they were not up to par I did not have to include them!! Not to worry Pam, I did not think that at all. Pam has not done a lot of collage before but her pieces for this swap are wonderful! I know it is hard, but try not to look at the swaps I post and compare yourself to them. You do your own art and enjoy it and many people out there will enjoy it too. We are all in different places on our art journey . . .  my advice is to not compare, but be inspired and enjoy the ride! Here's are Pam's pieces for the swap, I think you will agree with me they are great!

Thank you for participating Pam, you did a great job 
and I bet it felt good to stretch yourself too! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jeannine Bassi - Inspiration Collage

Jeannine hails from Oregon and this is her first Creative Swap. I bet many of you remember that first swap? Jeannine included a note saying, she did not have much experience with collage - but she thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, I would not have known if Jeannine did not say that -she did fantastic!

I particularly like this collage...and seeing a bit of paper I mono 
printed (circles) with stencils and a gelli plate!

great job all around, Jeannine -glad to have you! 

That's it for now (3 more new uploads follow this one)
Hoping for more swap mail tomorrow . . .
and remember to check the swap participant list for arrivals ❤


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