Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATC Swap is completed/sent!

Last Tuesday -April 26, 2016, I got all the swapped envelopes filled with beautiful ATCs mailed out. I've already gotten email from Catherine Mommsen Scott, Cynthia Jones, Marla Eklund and Marilyn Hughes -wow, that was quick. Thank you! Please let the artists who created the cards you received (and me!) know that you have their ATCs in your hands with a quick email. So appreciated by all.  

Also, I have a very short survey taking place which I am happy to say is giving me good information about what you would like to see next here at creative swaps. Anybody can fill the Survey out, you do not have to have participated in my swaps before. Of course I would love to hear from those of you who have done many creative swaps with me too. Follow this Link:

 I will collect responses for a few more days . . . (survey is closed).

­čîáwatch your mailbox for an envelope like this!! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Julia Lang-Shapiro

One last swap package arrived today and what a wonderful package it is from Julia Lang-Shapiro! There are 3 envelopes from registered participants that did not make it here on time, although I am not even sure if they were sent. But the swap closes today and so Julia's ATCs will be the last I add before swapping them all out. Julia had such a good time creating for this swap that she made extra ATCs as you will see below. This is a 6 for 6 swap and Julia made 10!! Let me share them with you. Julia, your ATCs are right up my alley, I love them!

The backs of her ATCs are wonderful too . . . . 

Julia also sent a whole pile of beautiful gelli printed (I believe) 
papers and deli papers that she made. She sent so many papers that I can enclose a 
piece or two with your returns. Thank you Julia, from all of us! 

Wow. What an awesome swap, thank you ALL.
I will start swapping your ATCs tomorrow and plan on mailing them out by Tuesday.
Fingers crossed! I will keep you updated as to my progress. 
Please know you did a fantastic job with your ATCs! 

❤ lenna 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Cynthia Zdanzukas

Well, we're getting near the end . . . Only one day left for me to receive. I know for sure there is one more envelope on it's way & I do hope it makes it. I will close the swap tomorrow, on the 23rd of April.

Fortunately, Cynthia's beautiful ATCs flew in today, hooray! I just checked and this is Cynthia's 13th Creative Swap. She started with me in 2007, so amazing! I tag your entries with your name as I post them so it is easy to call them all up under the tag. You could share the link too if you wish. Just visit the swaps blog online and scroll down the right sidebar till you see "CREATIVE SWAP ART PARTICIPANTS". Look for your name, click on it & there will be all your art gathered. Copy the link in the browser bar and paste wherever you like!

Anyway . . .  Ms. Cynthia's ATCs! Gorgeous. Love the very fine feathers and the sunset colors.

And a special ATC for me below, Thank you! 
I also like the way Cynthia painted the back of her ATCs Sunset Gold . . . 

Here's the back of one of mine . . .
I am happy to be IN this swap !!

One more day . . . 
fingers crossed!

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Catherine L. Mommsen

From Catherine in Arizona, today's mail brought her beautiful Artist Trading Cards. So glad they got here Catherine!! I've got one more day to receive, then I close the Swap & exchange them. :o)

 What lovely texture you've achieved on your ATCs, Catherine! 
Is it rubber stamp embossing?

Thanks for your participation! 
I believe this is Catherine's 2nd creative swap :O)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Josie Greene

From Josie in MD, we have 6 Ocean themed ATCs with a definite "Go Fish" theme! Nice job Josie, painting the background & I love the colorful fish too . . . This is Josie's 4th Creative Swap!

I thought perhaps I would receive more swap packages today, but Josie's is the only one that sailed in . . .  2 more days to receive! I am sure I will be showered the next 2 days. There are six more that could arrive and I am expecting three for sure! 

Great swap, I look forward to serving it up! 

­čîč one of mine! 

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Barbara Warrick-Fischer

Oh my, Barbara Warrick-Fischer from NY has done some incredible ATCs I think. I love the blend of Ocean colors, the texture . . . everything! Great Titles too, see for yourself :o)

Just gorgeous! 

I just love these! ❤ Thanks so much for the extra one Barbara!
It is so exciting as the swap is ending and the entries come flurrying in . . .
scampering to get here on time!! 

ALL entries due here BY Saturday, April 23rd!
I will start swapping out as soon as possible. 
My goal will be to mail out by Tuesday at the latest. 

I wonder who will receive this card of mine in the swap??


Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Barbara Johnson

From Barbara Johnson in IL, we have six really detailed and expressive ATCs. I really love what Barbara did! Imaginative titles she gave her ATCs too . . . sorry for the crooked scan! 

Starry Night  / Blue Moon  / Under the Sea

Yellow Sky  /  Flight  /  Fire Dance

Thank you, Barbara! Can You believe this is your 9th Creative Swap?
View all of them here - the link will begin with this one and as you scroll down you will go back to when you started in 2010 :) 


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Jackie Holley

From the UK, Jackie has sent us a great set of ATCs. Very mixed media, paper with stitching, collage . . . I really like what you've done, Jackie -thank you!

Very artistic and abstract - love them! 

I will have a couple more sets for you in the morning, and then I imagine I'll receive more sets in the afternoon mail! Looking forward to it. We are in the home stretch :O)
Last day for me to receive is . . . Saturday, April 23! 

 ❤ Lenna 

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Sabine Schneider

From Germany, we have Sabine's lovely ATCs. Sabine is a long-time Creative Swaps participant. This is her 15th Creative Swap!! View all her swap pieces here. Her first swap with me through Creative swaps was in 2009!! Well done, Sabine! Thank you for being such a wonderful participant and from overseas, no less! I also appreciate the beautiful handmade card and extra ATC for me. :o)

Sabines ATCs combine paint, fabric, stitching, paper & sand! 

Not to mention, Gold Leaf! 

Sabine's Blog is here:

:o) thank you Sabine!

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Karen Le Guilcher

From Karen in the Channel Islands -wow! I love what she has done. Some of her ATCs use fabric, some paper, some watercolor, and a most imaginative use of postage stamps. I love how they reflect where she lives -an ISLAND. This first one using her local postage stamps is amazing! click on any photo for details . . .

The one below is extra beautiful. I think that was Karen's wish . . .
that her ATCs would fly across the ocean to me! ❤ They did!

And she made an extra one for me, special -below! 

Thank you Karen! I also LOVE the little Blipfoto cards you added to my envelope -
what beautiful blip photos you & your hubby have made into cards! 
It makes me want to put Guernsey on my list of places to visit ☀

Ocean/Sunset ATCs Christina Perritt

From Christina Perritt in MI we have 5 sunset ATCs plus 1 ATC in ocean colors. They are made with fabric/paper fronts & fabric backs with lots of embellishments - ribbons, trims, buttons & rhinestones!! Thank you for participating Christina, I am glad you and your mom Shirley made a mother-daughter project out of this swap.

Your returns will be headed to you next week! 
Watch this space, I will announce it here when I send the swap returns out.