Friday, August 31, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Mary Zimany, CT

Mary sent in some really interesting and beautiful circle pages for our swap . . . . she says she made the 'fabric backgrounds' in the different color waves you see, but they feel almost paper-like to me! Maybe she can leave a comment & tell us more how she created them (she did! Look in the comments for this post, below - thanks, Mary!). Here's a picture - enjoy!! I expect to receive quite a few more sets over the next few days. > : ))

Circle Book Swap - Cat Dodt-Ellis, ID

Here are Cat Dodt-Ellis' "grunge flower" color pages, as she calls them : ) Cat wrote to me: "They were such fun to make...what a great swap idea!!!"
Cat sent in 5 of each color you see - Thanks for participating and adding some grungy color to our swap! Very cool. I love how our books are turning out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Michelle Forbes, Kansas

Michelle Forbes from Topeka, Kansas sent in 10 wonderfully different circle book pages for our swap that I just received yesterday. She based the colors she used on the names of Crayola Crayon Colors - i love it! Here is a close up of two of my favorite pages (click on the scan for more detail) and you can see all of michelle's pages below. Check out the page back of one of her circle pages and you will see where she literally ripped the name off of a crayon and placed it on her page!
Thanks Michelle, fantasic art work.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Linda Kunsman, PA

Thank you, Linda for the beautiful circle pages that you have sent in for our swap!! I love what you have created. This swap is even more fun for me than I expected because it's so great to see everyone's take on the theme -what to make for a colorful circle page. I think when this is done and we all have our swapped pages back it's going to be one awesome book!

Those of you in this circle book swap, please send to my current address as this swap is due September 7th -- before I MOVE!! If you are in one of the other swaps due later this fall, I will be sending you my new address soon. It looks like we will be doing the closing on the 2 homes on the 14th of September, and that means I will be out of here the day before (although my mail will be forwarded). The Mother Goose ATC swap is not due till October 27th and the fabric bag swap not until November 15th, so there is plenty of time!

Here are the rest of Linda's pages . . . . . so beautiful!!

I love the way she has layered the text in black and white and the quote is fantastic! Click on any picture for more detail. I think what I like best about this swap is all the pages are so different from each other, yet so complimentary! I thank you ALL for participating and look forward to getting my mail over the next few days . . I have recently heard from Nina, JoAnn, Cat, Rena, and Michelle that their pages are on the way!
: ) lenna

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Lenna Andrews, Avon, CT

Click on any picture for more detail ~

These are my own pages for the Circle Book swap - I am participating in as well as hosting! I started out by painting the back of the pages with Lumiere and Textile paint by Jacquard. Then I added various papers to the front with YES glue to match the colors I painted on the back. ARTchix studio faux post seemed perfect to add to each circle page along with some of my old "mail art" stamps. Since this is an exchange through the mail, why not? See the faux post below -- Winter Post 21 with the girl on the sled? This is something I designed myself that Helga Strauss of ARTchix made into an ARTchix winter faux post!! Pretty cooOL .

I did have a lot of fun making these circle pages and look forward to swapping all the participants pages out and creating a great little circle book!! It has been busy around here as we are most likely moving in 2 and 1/2 weeks ??? Yes! that happened quickly, didn't it? The buyers of our home have moved the closing up to September 14th. I think all will be fine with this swap as it's due on September 7th. I imagine I will swap it out immediately!! We are working on packing up and making good progress . . . and don't worry, if you are in any of my swaps I will stay in touch and let you know my new address! Thanks for your support. Lenna

Circle Book Swap - Cynthia Weed - Cody, WYO

Wow! the circle pages I have received so far are really amazing. I am so glad I am hosting this swap. It is hard to imagine what these pages will look like before you see them, and when you do . . . well, it's a great experience!! From Cynthia Weed in Cody, Wyoming, we have 20 beautiful "shades of Rose". Cynthia's are all fabric, and very beautiful. Click on any picture to see more detail.

Thankyou, Cynthia!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fabric bag swap update!

Thanks to all who have signed up for the 1-1 fabric bag swap!So far, we have 22 signed up already: Melissa Woolsey, Vicki Page, Mary Goodrow, Cynthia Weed, Fiona Brockie, Vicky Martindale, Cat Dodt-Ellis, Ann St. Louis, Victoria Wormell, Rena Matus, Vickie Trancho, Donna Eck, Beverley Teichrob, Patricia Schweitzer, Sue Simpson, Amanda Smith, Heather Alwaisi, Stasha Reed, Nina Owens, Judy Bernard, Susan Metcalfe, and Dawn Sellers. I have room for about 8 more players, so if this interests you, read more about the requirements HERE - email me if you'd like to sign up, or leave a comment to this post!
To the right is a black bag I purchased and used paint and an ARTchix image plus some beaded trim to finish it - another example! : ) Lenna

Update on the Mother goose fabric ATC swap

Thanks to everyone who has signed up already! If you are wanting to know more about this fabric ATC swap (which is still open to join) please read all the details HERE and then email me if you would like to join. This is an ALPHA STAMPS swap with a requirement to use one of their mother goose images, and also fabric! There will be a prize for everyone from Alpha Stamps and a first prize for a lucky creative someone.
On my swap list so far I have Frieda Oxenham, Joanie Hoffman, Melissa Woolsey, Vicki Page, Mary Goodrow, Cynthia Weed, Fiona Brokie, Vicky Martindale, Anne St. Louis, Megan Hull, Dottie Mucha, Victoria Wormell, Rena Matus, Susanne Weibe, Vickie Trancho, Norma Bullen, Cynthia Zdanzukas, Linda Eustace, Mary Zimany, Janice Perkin and Ginny Ballou. I have room for about a dozen more pparticipants and then I will close it. Any questions, just leave a comment or email me: lenna[at]creativelenna[dot]com. : )

Circle book Swap - Gisele Therezien - Chanel Islands, UK

Gisele Therezien from Jersey, The Chanel Islands, UK sent in some really detailed and delicious circle pages: 5 blue, 5 white and 5 tan. Don't you love how she coordinated the back of the circle page with the front?? Wow, I am impressed. Gisele said she really enjoyed making these . . . well, I really enjoy being able to look at them and include them in this swap!! Click on the scan for more detail, and thank you Gisele for participating.

Circle Book Swap - Greta Young - Australia

Greta Young from Brunswick, Australia sent in 20 beautiful RUST pages for our Circle Book Swap. They are so lovely to look at, thank you, Greta! I love the cheesecloth you have added to the bottom of the page. Click on the photo for a better look!

Greta also sent me 5 gorgeous ATCs as a thank you! This was not a requirement or anything . . . in fact I remembered after talking via email to Greta about return postage that everyon in this swap who purchased the Circle Book from me also included a few xtra dollars at the time for return postage. Sheesh! Sorry for my forgetfulness Greta - and hope you don't mind if I cherish & keep these ATCs you sent me!!

Thanks again, your art is beautiful and refreshing.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Dottie Mucha - Avon, CT

Dottie Mucha (who lives in the same town as I do!) sent in 21 beautiful Turquoise Circle Pages on the theme of "The Sea Speaks" - she so kindly sent in an extra page for me! Dottie has added netting, sand & shells, and I think she used Lumiere paint too. Each page is unique but on the same theme and using the same elements; which is often how I work. Thanks so much Dottie -- gorgeous artwork! Click on any photo for a more detailed view of Dottie's work.

Dottie wrote to me and added, "I did use the lumiere paint and I covered it, front and back, with Dorland's Wax Medium to seal the paint so it won't stick. The sand is a mixture of Golden's Clear Granular Gel and a dark brown embossing powder." Thank you!!

Circle Book Swap - Marla Rosenlieb - Colorado

My friend Marla, from Colorado, sent in such a lovely assortment of beautiful colorful pages! She describes the single page here to the left as the color "Russet and Gold" - I think it's my favorite! It looks to me as Marla had fun trying out different color combinations and techniques. I love what she has come up with! Try to find these colors below: Russet & GreenGold, Aqua & Pink, Pink & Silver, Yellow & Red, Blue, Blue & Silver, Cranberry, Green, Red, Purple, Pink (I love her poodle on this one!), Green & Purple, Ochre, Yellow, and Turquoise & Magenta! wow!!

Thank you so much Marla, for this wonderful assortment and addition to our Circle Book swap - click on any picture for more detail.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

TWO new SWAPS! Mother Goose ATCs & Fabric BAGS

I have 2 new art swaps to announce! The first new swap I am hosting is an Alpha Stamps Mother Goose Fabric ATC Swap due in my mailbox October 27, 2007. Here are some samples and all of the details:

This is a 6 for 5 fabric ATC swap with a Mother Goose rhyme theme held in conjunction with There will be a free gift from Alpha Stamps for all participants -and - a special first prize for the most creative artwork; a Mother Goose Tote bag printed on 2 sides. See my website for more pictures!
MGoose ATC Swap Requirements:
1. Use at least one Mother Goose image on each of your ATCs, choosing from any of the Alpha Stamps collage sheets. Choose cardstock, transparency or a fabric sheet image. OR - use an Alpha Stamps Mother Goose rubber stamp image. Find all of the Alpha Stamps Mother Goose items, including, collage sheets, rubber stamps, charms and other fun things you can add to your ATCs on a special theme page that Leslie of Alpha Stamps has created for us on her website:

2. Use fabric to create your ATCs! You could use an Alpha Stamps fabric image on top of a cardstock or fabric ATC. Or use fabric as the base of your ATC and add an Alpha Stamps paper or transparency image. Or, stamp a mother Goose image on paper and add this to fabric by sewing or gluing. . . . The possibilities are endless! You are simply required to use an Alpha Stamps Mother Goose image (lots to choose from!) and fabric, in some way!

3. Size your ATCs 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and design them in either portrait or landscape orientation.
Create SIX ATCs and receive FIVE in return. One will go to Alpha Stamps for their on-line Art Gallery:
As a bonus, you will receive your 5 swapped ATCs sent back to you in a cool hand stamped Mother Goose ATC holder created for you by Lenna, example below.

4. Label the back of your ATCs with your name & contact info, plus the name of the swap: Mother Goose ATC Swap. Number your ATCs if you wish (1of 6).

5. Send your ATCs to Lenna so they arrive in her mailbox on (or before) October 27th, 2007. Late entries will be returned. Enclose a self addressed return envelope with sufficient U.S. Postage, or tuck in $2.00 cash for delivery within the United States. If you live outside of the U.S. please enclose $4.00 in U.S. funds/stamps OR PayPal $4.00 to: lenna[at]creativelenna[dot] com -for your returns. The results of this swap will also be showcased right here on the creative swaps blog: - please let me know if you have a website of your own that you would like me to link to on the swaps blog. Important! E-mail Lenna at the address above to inquire about signing-up or if you have any questions. You will receive Lenna’s mailing address to send your swaps to. * This swap will be limited to 30 participants! *

* * * The second new swap I am announcing is a Fabric bag (or purse) swap. Here are the details:

Anything Goes Fabric Bag/Purse Swap!
This one should be simple and fun! This is a one-for-one create your own Fabric Bag (or Purse) Swap. Anything goes: meaning any size, any style, and any fabric. Your bag can be handmade by you or purchased by you, and then embellished! I’ll show you a few examples of bags for inspiration, but it’s up to you what you do for this swap. The only requirement is that your bag must include fabric in some way. All of the participants will receive a small gift from me from my fabric stash, and I will also award one person a special first prize for the most creative & beautiful bag! All swap bags will be shown on my creative swaps blog: – so please let me know if you have a website you’d like me to link to when showing your work. Details: Create one fabric bag or purse, send it in to Lenna to swap by November 15th, and you will receive one fabric bag in return. All swaps must be delivered to Lenna by November 15th 2007 in order to be included in the swap; Late entries will be returned. Include a large, clearly printed mailing label and $3.00 in cash or postage stamps if you live within the USA. If you live outside of the USA we would love to have you join us. Please send $5.00 US cash or stamps if you have them – if not, send $5.00 via PayPal, payable to: lenna[at]creativelenna[dot]com - Use this same email to inquire about signing up for this swap and to receive my mailing address as well as ask any questions. * This swap will be limited to 30 participants! *
Thank you!! Examples of fabric bags:

Chris Peden made this bag >>>>

Sharon Regier made this one, below!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Garden ATC Swap is Swapped!

I will be mailing packages tomorrow, to everyone who completed this fabric ATC swap. There were 37 of us, including me! We also had at least a dozen participants from outside of the USA . . . Scotland, England, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, and possibly even more faraway places! It was such a great swap - if I do say so myself; your artwork was fabulous!! Our Circle Book swap is in progress with 24 of us total working on pages in sets of 5 - this swap is closed to join and due in my hands Sept 7th. And, I will be back in the next day or 2 to announce TWO new swaps!

Thanks for such a great swap experience. Yours creatively, lenna


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