Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vicky Martindale

It is with great regret that I share with you, one of my long-time swap participants has passed away. Vicky Martindale suffered a stroke Christmas Day 2010, then fell into a hemorrhagic coma where she remained until her passing yesterday. Vicky had participated in many of my creative swaps, her last one being the Mail Art swap in December. You may have a piece of Vicky's art in your collection. Lori Lee, a good friend of Vicky's, had let me know earlier this year that Vicky was in a coma. Lori also passed along a site where I could sign up for updates on Vicky's status. Today, I sadly learned that she passed away late last night.

Vicky was a participant in my swaps since at least 2004, maybe sooner - I don't I have a record of my earliest swaps. To honor her, I have put together a slide show of her swap art from 2004-2010. She created some wonderful pieces and was very prolific. I think I can safely estimate she was involved in 15-20 of my art swaps, always supporting me and sending kind words. I did not know her very well, as we did not email each other much, but I will always remember her art and her kindness with love, lenna

❤All of my posts related to Vicky Martindale are linked -click on her name and you will see this post first, with the other related posts underneath. We will miss you, Vicky. xoxox

Thursday, May 26, 2011

please vote!

Please go to the creative swaps blog and vote for what swap ideas appeal to you . . . . You'll find there is a little poll on the right in the side bar. Vote for as many or as few of the art exchange ideas that interest you. In-between photographing & uploading the little books to the blog, I will be thinking about what we may do next. So let me know, your opinion is important to me. Thanks! Polling ends automatically the morning of June 5th. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#17.Catherine Mommsen: Little book swap

Oh my! What a lot of books ; ^ ) If you can stand me pacing myself to upload all of these gorgeous books, then we will be just fine. Please try not to worry about the beautiful quality of books that has come in so far if you are in the swap. Be yourself, take some time to create, do your own style -but do not let the high quality deter you. Let it encourage you to do your best. I find it amazing (in a good way!) what some of my beginning creative swap participants come up with. Without further ado, here are Catherine Mommsen's artistic and delicious little books! Catherine is from Virginia.

The book below (3 photos) is 1" x 1" 


A book of hearts

Time Matters 


Quite amazing! Catherine, your little artist's books are stunning.
The main page of Catherine's blog is here -she is a pen & ink artist. The link at the top of this post is to a page on her blog about other little books she has made. Catherine wrote to me saying - "this swap was a great motivator to get me thinking more about one of my passions, miniature books.  And such lovely entries from so many very talented artists." Here, Here!! Thank you all! 
; ^ ) lenna

#16.Barbara DeLisle: little book swap

From Barbara DeLisle in Florida, we have four awesome little books! Take a look -Barbara made a Celtic Book:


A book of ovals:

A book of memories . . .

A butterfly book

- All of Barbara's Books  -

Thank you Barbara, for the beautiful necklace you made for me!

I am wearing it right now! 
No make-up, messy hair, but still . . .
I appreciate it! ; ^ ) 

Barbara writes about making her little books here!

#15. Margaret Garrood: little book swap!

From Essex, UK, we have 4 beautiful and unusual books for the swap, plus an extra one for me from Margaret Garrood -so wonderful! She describes how she created them on her blog, LibertyBelle. Her book covers are made with painted craft vilene, which I believe is a water soluble stabalizer. Let me show you!!
Such beautiful covers! The beading is gorgeous.

Inside, the pages are painted with Koh-i-noor dyes and hand stitched.

Here is another cover . . . Margaret writes more about
making her books in another post here.

Beautiful! Thank you so much, Margaret.

#14.Laura Hummel: Little Book swap!

Wow. I have 4 participants little books to share with you! There is so much beauty and creativity in this swap it is a little overwhelming at times . . .  I think we can handle it though. ; ^ ) Thank you all for putting in your best effort, it really shows. First up, I have a delightful assortment of books from Laura Hummel in Maryland. I know Laura a bit because she has participated in my swaps before; this is her 5th creative swap, as far as I can tell! We are also in a small Mail Art swap together, organized by Sue Emmerson. I love Laura's style! I have 5 books to share with you as Laura made 4 for the swap and one for me as a gift. Thank  you, Laura!!
Above are all the little books Laura made. Click on the photo for detail.

 Below is a sweet little accordion book.
 When you untie it and open it, the accordion comes out as a separate piece! 
Beautifully decorated.
Laura called the one below a "scrappy" book that was fun to do and good use for her never ending pile of papers that she is saving for whatever! Sounds good to me : ) It is the top left book with a ring binding in the first photo.
 Love this quote on the back! 

 Here is a different book - Laura made a variety. 
I love how she painted the feather! 
 Inside are 3 signatures with a number of recycled pages in each.

 Look at this cute little book! 
 The coin tucked behind Mt. Fuji is for good luck.
It is an accordion book, attached. 

 I love this one below and will keep it for myself. Thank you, Laura!
 Inside . . . 

Thank you, Laura!
Such a delight to look at all of the books you made.
Here's hoping you join many more creative swaps! 
That reminds me, I placed a poll for upcoming swaps on the blog:
In the sidebar, everyone please go vote. Thanks!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#13.Julie Oman (Jewels) ~ Little Book swap!

Jewels, from Michigan (and Canada) has sent in 2 wonderful little books for our exchange, yippee! On her own blog, Just Tickety-Boo, she has written a wonderful post that describes how she made her books with lots of photos included. Please visit her and say hi! I will include some of my own photos below.
First, the box when it arrived! More about it here . . .
I love getting mail like this! Thanks so much, Jewels.

The Danish gardening book comes in it's own decorated envelope.

It is one of the "instant" books = made from 1 piece of paper.

Click on this photo for details, it is just too funny!! Jewels . . . 

The next book comes with a lovely note of explanation on how . . .

It is just gorgeous inside. Jewels has more photos and explanation on her blog.

Little book, closed.

Jewels also enclosed a lovely piece of art for me, I cannot help but share it.
Jewels was a Librarian, so it makes perfect sense!

Can you find it on my studio wall with everything I have there?
My friend Joy is visiting and taking a break after traveling, reading in the sun.
She was fascinated by everything up in my studio . . . . 
"Of course you want all those things around you lenna, it is so  h a p p y !"

: ^) keep your little books coming!!
They are due in my hands in 4 weeks -eep! 

#12. Magdalena Muller ~Little Book swap!

From Maggie in Pennsylvania I have received 3 beautiful and very different little books, here they are:
This is the "green book". Maggie says it is her favorite!

Maggie based the pages of this book on Beryl Taylor's technique of layers of paper and fabric. Click on the photo for more detail. 

I really like this book too . . .  

what a lovely little book!

This book's cover is made from foam board and is 5" square.

Inside are quote cards and art cards that can be pulled out. 

Maggie also enclosed a most wonderful "goody bag" for me, filled with all kinds of fabric, ribbon, trims, papers of all kinds and lots of cool things that I can't wait to work with. Thank you very much, Maggie. What you have sent is awesome -everything!! ; ^ )


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