Friday, August 31, 2012

Tina Wittmer -prayer flag swap!

From Tina in MN, 3 wonderful additions to our prayer flag swap!
This is Tina's first creative swap and she has done a great job.

Tinaenclosed a sweet hand bound book as a hostess gift for me. 
Thank you, Tina! So lovely.

More flags to come tomorrow : ) I have 5 packages here waiting to be opened!!
ALL swaps are due in my hands 2 weeks from tomorrow, September 15th. I am really enjoying all of the work that has come in so far, so keep it coming! : 0 ) lenna

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trish Busby - prayer flag swap!

From Trish in MO we have 4 prayer flags that were delivered inside mail art! Thank you so much for the extra flag you enclosed for me.

Trish has written about making her flags HERE and also here! Thanks for joining in again Trish. I love your "Toadily Handmade" stamp and thanks a lot for the mail art too. This is Trish's 3rd creative swap! 

Siri Opdal -prayer flag swap!

Siri's flags come all the way from Norway. She has hand stitched and beaded each and every one! Below is the back of one of Siri's flags along with a fabric swatch she made for me . . .

And here are the fronts of her 3 flags -- plus one back!

Thank you, Siri! Such beautiful stitching and fabric -what a colorful addition to any string of prayer flags ; 0 ) This is Siri's 8th creative swap with me!! To see all of her wonderful fabric art, follow this link!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Joanne Balaz -prayer flag swap!

From Joanne Balaz in New York we have 3 creative prayer flags made with love and healing wishes. She enclosed a card with each flag sharing how it was made, which I will include here.

Joanne also enclosed a sweet package of ephemera, thank you! 

I am so glad you could join us! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vicki Page - prayer flag swap!

These prayer flags are from Vicki Page in Wisconsin who has done a dozen Creative Swaps with me -so talented! So glad to have you participating again Vickie. I would say no worries -You are definitely getting back into your creative groove!

Below shows how Vicki did the back with a plain lining -very beautiful! 

Vickie made an extra Prayer Flag for me which is so very lovely. It will be a hard choice! 

Vickie traced the images onto fabric and then colored and heat set. 

The beads and bells are fantastic! 
Thank  you so much, Vickie. 

I will be back tomorrow with more luscious prayer flags . . . 
Nancy Roberts flags can be found in the next post! 

Nancy Roberts -Prayer Flag Swap!

Wow! We are back from our trip to Canada/wolfe island and there are 7 swap packages that
arrived while we were away. If you are wondering if your package has arrived, please check the list here. I use it to mark off the received packages as they come in.

First up, we have 3 really wonderful prayer flags from Nancy Roberts in Florida. Nancy is a fabulous quilter who has participated in many creative swaps with me. Here is what I received from her:

I love the one below made with sheer fabric and ribbons . . .

Below, I love how Nancy used paper beads, perhaps from our previous swap? I used some paper beads on one of my flags too! Click on any photo for greater detail.
Then Nancy was so kind and enclosed a bag of goodies for me! I love little inspiring bits like this from someone else's stash, perhaps leftovers of what they have been working on . . . thank you! I scanned the goodie bag on top of an interesting magazine picture she enclosed . . . Nancy said it made her think of the studio photos I've shared of my work desk. So great! It is sure to be put to good use.
Nancy has written about making prayer flags in 2 separate posts, here: More prayer flags: Somebody stop me! and also here: Prayer Flag Practice. Give her a visit! Thanks again, Nancy ; 0)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jan Smith - prayer flag swap!

All the way from Essex, UK I have received Jan Smith's prayer flags for the swap early, yay! Jan is so kind. She created 3 for the swap and included an extra prayer flag just for me as a hostess gift. This is not necessary, but I appreciate her gesture very much. Jan has written about her prayer flags on her blog -check it out! Since we are leaving tomorrow on holiday, I have copied Jan's individual photos from her blog because my time for blogging is limited. Thanks, Jan! Here they are . . . I will have trouble choosing one for me!

If you are participating it is fine to send your flags while I am gone, the mail will be picked up! It will be safe until I return. All flags are due in my hands September 15th. 
This swap is closed to registration with 40 participants!!!!!!

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf. 
  ~ Rabindranath Tagore.


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