Saturday, April 30, 2011

#4.Donna Parker: little book swap

All the way from San Miguel, Mexico, a wonderful package for our swap was delivered to me the other day.

The box came from Donna Parker and contained 3 individually wrapped books for our swap and a mail art envelope filled with goodies for me! Everything was wrapped inside the box in beautiful, brightly colored tissue paper. Donna very smartly secured her individually wrapped books with a hat pin, so I could easily unwrap and photograph the contents. Thanks so much for this thoughtfulness Donna, it really helped me! Directly below is the first book I unwrapped. 

Click on any photo for more detail!
I love the way this one was wrapped in cheesecloth -and the cover
imagine my delight to find out it's a tiny envelope book!! So cute.
The back was finished so nicely, thank you!
The second book I opened was the one on the right in the box, with a bird on the front and I believe, a hand-stamped fabric cover. When I opened it I found the greatest little "notes to myself" Tag book!
click on the photo for details
There are categories on each tag to fill in like, "10 things that make me happy".
10 things to do that I have never done before ; 0 )
The real joy in life is play!
I love this tag book! Great job, Donna. The last parcel opened was the one on the left in the box shown up top, the one wrapped with the sparkly tulle fabric.

full of pockets, tags and secrets!!
from the back, just beautiful!
Then Donna spoiled me with a beautiful Mail Art envelope as she knows I love them. I think she loves making them too! An envelope she  previously made for me is up on my studio wall, pictured above my shoulder in this photo. It is turquoise blue with an orange slice and an orange circle.

Donna gifted me with a romantic vintage card she made plus a number of other cards and postcards relating to Mexico. You can read about how Donna made her books and see more photos on her blog - HERE . . . and here and also here! Thanks so much, Donna. I love your books!

#3.Corinne Marie: Little Book swap!

From Vermont, Corinne Marie sends us 4 different Little Books for our swap. Corinne wrote to me and said she had so much fun with this swap . . . and she admitted that she was a confirmed book-aholic!

look at this teeny tiny book Corinne made!
The inside . . . .
Here is another book Corinne made for our swap, an accordion style one. Click on any photo for more detail.

open up one way - -
and opened up the other. Corinne decorated both sides.
more, showing the other cover
A different book is shown below --

inside pages . . . 
One last book for the swap -

this one unfolds out!
and tucks back in : )
Outstanding, Corinne! Thanks as well for the beautiful card created from your art and the perfect "under the sea" book you created for me as a gift, wow. Not necessary, but very appreciated! 

card & book by Corinne for lenna
sweetest little book full of mermaids! 
To see more of Corinne's artwork, please visit her flickr photos here!
Thanks so much for participating in another creative swap, Corinne. I can see that the subject was one close to your heart. : )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

#2.Ati Ham-Sas: Little Book Swap

The second arrival of little books for our swap is from Ati Ham-Sas in Norway!

Ati has created the sweetest little books that are a combination of paper and fabric. You can read about them by visiting Ati's blog, this post -- three little shabby journals. Ati also made 3 books to swap just like Frieda did; remember if you are registered for this swap you can create 2, 3 or 4 little books to exchange. If you are not registered, I'm sorry but this swap is full! If you would like to receive an email from me when the next creative swap is announced, sign up for my "swap participants" newsletter. Sign up here!

The inside of the little shabby books Ati made look like this:
I love her notes and the watercolor pages she decorated!

fabulous way to attach her tag! 

Here is a closer look at the one hiding in the back of the first photo -

and inside this one -
Just so lovely . . . 

And here is the larger of the 3 little books, a close-up of the front -

And the inside . . . . click for more details! 

It is wonderful to have you in one of my creative swaps, Ati! I have been admiring your art on your blog and your flickr photos. You were so good to make these early and send them all the way from Norway! I hope you enjoy your returns and thank you for your wonderful contributions to our little book swap! : ) lenna

#1.Frieda Oxenham: Little Book Swap!

Frieda sent 3 very colourful books for the swap in easy to open/re-seal bags,
plus a special gift book for me that included a photo of her!
A stray square of fabric serendipitously traveled along too. ; * )
My dear friend Frieda in Scotland was the very first to get her little books in for the swap -in April- when they are not due until June!! When she joined she told me she might not have time to make little books for the swap but she wanted to register just for my lesson because she said they are,"always so very informative". I was truly honored and told her if she could make a book or two it would be great and if not, don't worry! As it turns out a few days later she wrote me and asked me to guess who was making little books??? I was so happy! Here's what I have received from Frieda -click for details:

She made a version of the 'Instant Book' but sewed it closed, I believe.
She used her newly made "blipfoto" cards to tuck into the books to identify!

Front cover, inside cover, pages 1,2,3,4, inside back cover and Back cover -
Perfect! And so colourful -filled with stamping & collage. 

Frieda even sewed some of her own photos from the
Blipfoto cards she had made directly on to her books.
Frieda really explains it best herself how she created these little books in this blogpost: Lenna's Little Books! But I also can't help but to share the little book she created for me -click for details:

The top of the book says, friendship is the essence of life.
I am definitely going to do something with the little square of stray fabric from Frieda's desk!
If you look closely at the cover of my book above, you may be able to see a transparency of Frieda's face with her eyes on either side of the Eiffel tower. This makes sense, as frieda loves all things French!

Live, Laugh & Love
with a photo of Frieda in the bottom right.
I love it! Thanks so much, Frieda.

Today is the opening of Frieda's solo exhibition for her Art Quilts held at The Gallery, Tweeddale Museum, Chambers Institute, High Street, Peebles, Scotland, UK from the 23rd April till 28th Mary 28th 2011. There is a private view on Saturday 30th April from 2 - 4pm. All are welcome!! -You'll find Frieda's email in the sidebar of her blog linked above should you need to contact her. I am so very happy for her to have the opportunity to showcase her talents in a solo exhibition, many congratulations, Frieda!!!

Take a look at: Her exhibition sign
Wow! Hanging her exhibit

xoxoxo My very best wishes for a fantastic exhibit, Frieda. You rock!

I almost forgot! This photo shows the size of Frieda's books -
xo -happy creating of little books!
 . . . This swap is full  . . .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Questions on Little Books swap?

This tiny little Piano Hinge book was made for me by my student Linda Cox,
back in 2003 when I lived & taught classes in Connecticut! 
The Little Book swap is full with 60 participants and is now closed for registration. The participant list is in the sidebar under 'followers' and the feedblitz newsletter sign ups. If you are on that list you are in the swap! The list includes a very impressive International contingent. I really love this! If you missed registering for one reason or another and would like to be put on a waiting list in case someone must drop out, please email me & let me know.

Do you have any questions about the swap? Read the post prior to this one first! Then if you do, please leave me a comment (click on comments below) and your email too if you want me to answer you personally. Thanks! I'm excited. I think it is going to be a fantastic exchange!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Swap - Little Books!!

Edit: The Little Book Swap is FULL and closed for registrations.
Create 2, 3, or 4 Little Books sized 5" or smaller and deliver them to me by June 18th. You'll receive in return the same amount of little books you sent in. Your $15 registration includes return postage to anywhere in the world and an 18 page lesson on Little Books. (The lesson itself is worth the fee!).

Little Book swap! I am looking forward to hosting this creative swap! We'll be creating small books made by hand, plus viewing them here as they come in, as well as exchanging them. In the lesson that you'll receive when registering, you'll find instructions for 7 small books plus links to websites to find more, video how-to's and links to some great books with many more how-to's. You can follow my instructions or come up with your own ideas.

  • Your books need to be small: 5" or less (12.7 cm)
  • need to be hand made, not purchased & decorated
  • they can be blank inside OR decorated -that's your call
  • minimum of 4 pages, maximum of 20 with a front & back cover
  • Make: 2 for 2, 3 for 3, or 4 for 4 - little books, your choice.
  • Any style book goes - Any materials, including fabric!
  • I need to receive them by June 18th to be included.
  • You need to add your name to each book.
  • They need to be made with effort and care.
Beginners are welcome and the lesson that is included in the registration will be especially helpful to you! I am looking for good quality, interesting and creative little books. I want you to enjoying making a few books, perhaps learning something new and maybe even getting to know the person with whom I will exchange your book with. You do not have to make your little books according to my instructions, you are welcome to create any kind of little book you can dream up! I will welcome seeing all of them and in fact, I will be awarding a prize (or two) for the most exceptional little books that come in. Have fun, and if you have any questions please email me. Hope to see you sign up!

Asia, Lenna, Steve and Chloe
at Lenna's parent's in Florida.


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