Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vintage note card swap closed

the last 4 swap packages!
The deadline was today, the 26th of February and I have received all the swap pieces I expect to, for the Vintage note card swap. I still have 4 packages to upload but I will get to that soon, promise! Steven and I have very good friends from NY visiting us through Monday. I may be able to sneak away to scan and upload, or I may not until after Monday. Thanks for your patience, this has been a great swap and I look forward to sharing the last four entries.

Yes, there will be another swap coming up, announced in about 3 or 4 weeks, possibly sooner. I need to do my usual organizing and write a lesson for you first. I am excited we are going to swap LITTLE BOOKS! So, you can start thinking now if you like . . . it will be a 2 for 2 swap and I will give you lots of ideas and instructions. I'm thinking small, perhaps no larger than 4" x 4"? I will let you know for sure when I get the instructions all worked out. But before that, I will be back soon with the vintage note card sets that will finish up our swap, thanks!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sharon Walworth: Vintage note card swap!

The other day I received a stunning package from Sharon Walworth in Rhode Island . . .
wow! I love mail like this : ^ )
Inside were some really beautiful, detailed vintage cards. Sharon wrote me and said she thought she would use some antique silk log cabin squares she had to make little crazy quilt pieces, embroider them with machine stitches and add a vintage yo yo on each. "OH NO! After my initial stitching, the old silk shredded, rendering the squares impossible for this project. It took awhile, but I came up with a solution which I think you will like." (I do!) She set out to develop a new approach. The note cards are centered around VINTAGE ATCs she started creating for another swap. She had planned to make them for all of the participants, but over thirty cards was way too daunting. After ten or twelve cards she told me she began calling them, "the girls" and they were shelved. (a good thing for us!) Now those cards are mounted on very old, brownish paper doilies which she found in her stash, then backed with vintage looking paper. Sharon says, "I am delighted to find a home for 'the girls', and still have a few for another project." ; ^ ) we are delighted too!

so beautiful . . . 

each card has a stamped envelope that goes inside a glassine one.

They are petite, only 3-1/2 x 5"

Sharon has quite a touch!


Thank you Sharon for the extra note card for me, the mail art, and for the antique silk log cabin squares to play with! So generous. Exceptional cards! Three more days for delivery, I'll be back when more arrive!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Celine Combet: Vintage note card swap!

I received Celine's delightful envelope a few days ago - but it took me until now to upload her pieces. I've been very busy finishing not one, but 3 lessons on altered books for my week of teaching Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways - this new collaborative online course opened yesterday and registration is ongoing. My lessons are now finished!(phew). Everything just needs to be looked over, polished and then sent off to Mary Green who is organizing the workshop -my week of teaching is 2 weeks from now. But today is my birthday, so I think I will leave that last bit of class work until tomorrow! Without further ado, here are the lovely note cards sent from Celine in Biggelswade, UK.

So imaginative with the twill tape going through the envelope.
The vintage Paris image with the balloon is grand!

I adore this postcard image and all the variations I've seen.
The lace fits this perfectly! 

The use of the sheer fabric on this card is great.

a lovely mail art envelope for me -thank you, Celine!!
This was a plain brown envelope Celine collaged with magazine images.

The backs of her cards are lovely! 

There are a few days left for me to receive your Vintage note cards if you are participating in this swap -they are due in my hands by February 26th. A few people had to drop out - they ran out of time . . . but I believe I'm still expecting 9 packages. If you can't make the deadline please let me know, thanks.  Now I am off to discover a Warm Mineral Hot Spring, right here in Florida . . . a gift from my sweet husband for my birthday ; ^ ))
See you later in the week with more beautiful note cards . . .

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cat Dodt-Ellis: Vintage note card swap!

From Idaho, beautiful cards and stamped envelopes by Cat Dodt-Ellis:
I love this card & envelope. Thank you so much Cat,
for making an extra card for me!!! xo

so soft and sweet! 

beautiful composition on this . . .

lovely, lovely vintage note cards! 

They are protected inside handmade wax paper envelopes!

Perfect! Cat put her email on the envelopes above. 

Cat's blog is called Catworx! If you click on that link it will take you right to her post with more info on these beautiful cards she made. She also wrote some very sweet things about my art swaps - thanks so much. Cat has been involved in art swaps of mine for many years -even the ones I ran before starting this blog dedicated to them. I will have to check my files sometime and see actually how many swaps I have run . . .  a lot I think! I obviously enjoy it.

I will try my best to keep up promptly with the remaining -maybe a dozen?- swaps I expect to receive by Feb 26th -final final day for receiving. I will make a note in the sidebar under 'Participants' when your packages arrive and upload them as as soon as I'm able. There are a number of things going on that are keeping me very busy now . . . number one is Artful pages - 4 artists 4 ways! This online class taught by 4 of us (me included) opens on Sunday, February 20th -in just a few days! If you've been thinking about it, I hope you can join us when the class opens. If not, please know you can join in later at anytime.

All my best, lenna

Cindy McMath: Vintage Note Card swap!

wheee! Lovely cards from Cindy McMath in Canada have arrived! Cindy works closely with ARTchix Studio which is located in her home town. If you are not familiar with this company go check out the link, ooh la la! So, I was not surprised and actually very delighted to see these romantic ARTchix Studio images on Cindy's cards. Take a look -click on any photo for more detail.

Similar design, but each card is a bit different - all beautiful! 

The colorful butterflies are a perfect touch!

Cindy is using her signature Bingo cards & it looks great.

Cindy enclosed an ATC for me!
(for the first swap of 2011)

My envelope was delightful with flowers . . .
and the ArTchix girl sporting an umbrella over her head : )
I love the Tissue Tape too... thank you!

Thanks so much for the ATC and the extra card for me, Cindy!! Please visit Cindy at Pink Bird Studio. She always has interesting and beautiful projects going on. Thanks for another great effort for Creative Swaps, Cindy!

Karen Owen: Vintage Note card swap!

Today, I received 3 gorgeous vintage card & envelope sets from Karen Owen who hails from Georgia, in a lovely handmade envelope for me. She also made me a beautiful, lacy tag as a thank you for hosting. So sweet!

Just lovely!

back of her cards - so nicely labeled

so cute! I love this vintage drawing.

a very beautiful card & envelope . . . 

my wonderful mail

Thank you, Karen!
It is super to have you in this swap!

Karen's blog is called: Karen's Muse and Musings and if you click on that link, you can read more about her cards and navigate around from there!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sue Emmerson: Vintage note swap!

All the way from Australia, Sue Emmerson has sent us three beautiful vintage note cards in a great mail art envelope. Take a look!

Click to view this beautiful card larger -
I just love the dangly jewelry piece and ribbon Sue added

There is real tulle on this, it is a spectacular card.

so pretty!

They all came inside this . . . . 
gorgeous envelope! This was so much fun to receive, Sue. Thank you.

About this swap: the variety so far is awesome! I am waiting for about 15 more sets to come in = the due date is February 26th, in my hands. I'll do my best to mark the list in the sidebar when your swaps arrive and get them up as soon as I can. If you have any questions, just email me : ) lenna

Lynda Roddy-Ozauto: Vintage note card swap!

This makes Lynda's 7th creative swap and I think she has a really great style. To see all her creative swap pieces, just check out this link. Lynda created three exceptional pieces for this swap; note cards that were little folios! I took a photo and also scanned them to show you:

I love this idea, Lynda!

so fun to see you use the images I provided : )

Your handmade envelopes are fantastic! 

love that tissue tape!

gorgeous, I just love this french postcard image

beautiful!! This one has an Antique paper bag envelope -
the inside of this card and part of the envelope is below

You can find more of Lynda's art on her blog: paperpencilpaste
Lynda is a Design team member for Alpha Stamps
To Lynda: thanks so much for your wonderful contribution to the Vintage note card swap!

Leslie Sowden: Vintage note card swap!

Leslie Sowden from California, sent an abundance of beautiful vintage note cards! She sent in two sets of 3 cards & envelopes, which is just fine -plus an extra card for me! So I've got 7 cards to share with you. Enjoy!

Many of Leslie's cards had inserts and little inclusions -perhaps a bit of lace of a snippet of the paper that was used on the card - really nice idea! 

Thank you so much, Leslie. Wonderful cards! 
To see more of Leslie's art please visit her blog: One Woman's Hands

Corinne Marie: Vintage note card swap!

Oh my goodness, I am being showered with beautiful vintage note cards. It is so wonderful, they are all incredible. It is really inspiring to see everyone's "take" on the vintage theme. Thank you all, for your wonderful efforts. Let me get started with sharing Corinne Marie's - she is from Vermont. Please don't mind if I let the pictures do the talking . . . there are a lot of cards to share! : ^ )

click for details 

this card is incredible! 

wonderful to see how you used this image & butterfly paper!

Corinne stamped a beautiful envelope, enclosed a card
and a wonderful matchbook shrine inside a handmade
gift bag with a bow, oh my goodness.
I was very surprised - thank you so much, Corinne!


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