How to comment

To comment on a post you need to be reading the blog online, not via a blog reader or service like feedblitz. Sometimes there is a link to comment from a feed but not always.
If you are reading on the main page of the blog you might not see any comments displayed. They may be hidden -you need to access them. If you cannot see any comments, scroll down to the bottom of each post where you'll see "0 Comments" or "2 comments" -for example. This phrase will be highlighted because it's actually a link to another page displaying the comments. This page is where you can add your comment. Click on the word "comments" and then follow the instructions.
Depending on how you are accessing the post, you may need to scroll further down the page to see them instead of going to another page. When you see ‘Post a Comment’ - click on it and a comment box will appear, if it is not already there. This is where you can leave a comment, by typing in the box.
After you have written your comment, you must ‘choose your identity’. 
If you don't do this, you will not be able to comment. 

If you have a Google account you can choose that for your identity: sign in. Otherwise, choose 'Open ID' and the type of account you may have, like TypePad or WordPress (and others) -then sign in. Please leave your name and email if it is not connected to your account when commenting so I can respond to you if needed. 
Then preview your comment by clicking on the preview button, or PUBLISH.

*PLEASE NOTE: You will not see your comment published immediately because I moderate comments. Moderating comments helps to keep my blogs spam-free. I hope this tutorial helps! Questions? email me creativelenna [at] gmail [dot] com

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