Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tag Book Swap: Sarah Boblit, Iowa

I love Sarah's tags, they are so different and interesting! She did use more than one color to create them so they are not as monochromatic as some, but when you look at them you see a dominate color. That is exactly what I was looking for. I want your finished tag books to be a rainbow of colors, sprinkled liberaly with words. Sarah's tags do just that, and there is so much to look at! mmmmmmm! click on any image for a lot more detail, and keep those tags coming! The due date is about 2 weeks away. 

Wonderful job, sarah. I love your originality.

Tag Book Swap: Barbara DeLisle, Florida

Barbara did something amazing and unexpected! And very creative too, I might add : ) She made covers for her tags! Above is a closeup of a couple of her tag covers, and below - a scan where you can see them all.

 And here are her beautiful tags . . .

 Barbara made an extra tag for me, not necessary, but very sweet -especially since brown is my favorite color! Here is my tag inside the cover:

and outside of it!

Barbara's covers all have reinforced holes, just like her tags, so it will be easy to encorporate them into a little book. Thank you, barbara!

Tag Book Swap: Annet Struik, Netherlands

Wow! (I do say that a lot don't I?) Well, I have reason to! On my desk are 3 luscious packages of tags for our Tag Book swap. I am a lucky woman to get to see all of these tags up close and personal! First, I have a package that has traveled to Florida all the way from the Netherlands. Annet Struik is participating and has sent in 9 tags (one for her own book) all beautiful shades of orange. Please visit her blog to read first hand from Annet, how she created these beauties! (yes, that's Annet at about age 2!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sneak peek: Cindy McMath -tag book swap

Cindy McMath from Victoria, BC, Canada has created some awesome tags for our tag book swap! I can't wait until they get here, so I'm sharing a link to Cindy's blog now. Please take a peek! I will post them all on the blog when they arrive. Thank you, Cindy! xo

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tag Book Swap: Sabine Busch, Germany

Sabine's tags arrived today from Germany after traveling for 8 days to reach me. Hallelujah! All I can think of to say is how absolutely beautiful they are. Visit Sabine's blog here -click on the scan for more detail.

I showed them to my husband who said, wow, very nice . . . and then he asks, what are these for? I told him and he said - How are you going to put these together???  : ) I said, the tags sent in will all go out to other participants. I will layer complimentary ones together, add a cover and "bind" the tags into a book through the holes on the tags with ribbon or yarn or . . . . well, we'll see!  I am so looking forward to making these treasures up for you! We have 21 participants and 8 tags (or 9 if you want one of your own in the mix) are due in my hands by June 12th. There is still time to sign up if you'd like to join us, please see the sidebar for details. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

give-away on creative lenna blog

A couple of participants have let me know they have already sent their tags, so soon I will have some lovely things to share with you here. In the meantime, you could win a chance for free registration to one of my creative swaps - or 4 other great prizes, just by adding a comment to my 500 posts give-away celebration post on my personal art blog! I hope you'll visit and leave a comment and I'll be back as soon as I receive the mail I am waiting for! Remember, June 12th is the deadline for your Tags to be here . . .

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a sneak peek from Sabine Busch in Germany

Today, Sabine Busch registered for the Tag Book Swap. Later she emailed me to let me know her tags were already done and she is sending them off on Friday -such great news. I think Sabine's tags are fantastic; they have wonderful quotes, great colours and even interesting shapes! You can view them here on her blog: Stempletanz -which translates to Stamp Dance (Sabine is from Germany). I hope that translation is correct, Sabine! I always feel very fortunate to have international participants in my swaps and I try to make it easy for them to participate. I'll add one of Sabine's tags below and when they arrive, I will scan them all and add them here on the creative swaps blog.

Sabine Busch

Beautiful, don't you think? Yippee, the tag submissions have begun! : ^  )  lenna

a fabric Tag for the swap

I am going to be participating in my own swap, which is always fun to do if I can! I've made 5 tags so far and will plan on making 9 tags so I can have one of my own in with my swap returns. I definitely wanted to try making a fabric tag (it's been a while) and thought I would share with you how I did that, in case you wanted to try too, but were not sure where to start.
Click on any photo for more detail.

I used a shipping tag for a pattern and also cut batting the same size as my front & back.

On an extra piece of similar fabric I stamped words I like. I found it a challenge to work monochromatic!

I stitched my extra fabric to the front - the batting is behind this piece.

I included the shipping tag in the sandwich for strength

Back and front, ready to be put together - I used my xyron adhesive machine to attach!

The finished fabric tag for the colorful words Tag Book swap!

my tags for the swap so far . . .  stay tuned for more!

This swap is active with room for participants but your tags will need to be in my mailbox by Saturday, June 12th. I would love to add you to my list! See the SIDEBAR of this blog for a PayPal "Pay Now" button to register for this swap. All of the details can be found here: on this post! : ^) lenna


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