Tuesday, March 24, 2009

away for a bit . . .

. . . because I will be visiting my Mom & Dad, shown below in the photo with me and my Nonie (my dad's mom) taken in 1972!! I will be in Florida with my parents & my husband Steven -- March 25th - April 1st, so I will not be able to let you know that your swap package has arrived until I return to CT on April 1st (no joke!).

We are really looking forward to family time together. If you did not know, my dad has had a really rough year the past year with heart problems (pacemaker, coronary stent) an ulcer, colon cancer (removed), an e-coli infection, liver cancer (in remission now after treatment), an infected gall bladder . . . it is amazing he is still here with us. We are so glad he is "a fighter" and he has been able to keep everything at bay and still laugh & joke about it! He even managed to make a wooden paddle for Steven to use with one of his hand made canoes when we visit. I find it hard to put into words how I feel.

I will be able to check in via my mom's computer, but I won't know what has arrived & will have to catch up after April 1st. Our house & pet sitter will take good care of your packages, do not worry! : ) lenna

12x12 Fabric technique swap #8: Gunnel Svensson, Sweden

A beautiful mini art quilt from Gunnel in Sweden has arrived for our fabric technique swap. Gunnel has her own blog, Gunnel's Blog where she has written about her process of making this, please visit her at the link above! She so nicely has translated to English HOW she made her beautiful mini quilt - thank you Gunnel! It is a real pleasure to be able to see this piece up close. I really appreciate you participating in this swap from so far away. And you won't have to wait too long - ALL 12 x 12's are due in my hands April 22nd and I will be swapping them out soon after that. : ))

And look at the great fabric postcard Gunnel sent to thank me! : )
I am a lucky girl!

12x12 Fabric technique swap #7: Beverley Teichrob, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Wow! I received so many lovely mini art quilts for our fabric technique swap all in on day! This one is from my friend Beverley, who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Beverley followed Frieda Oxenham's directions for making fabric paper but also told me . . .

"I followed the instructions from 'friedaquilter', except that the top layer includes the full quarter of four napkins to represent four seasons. I've never done much with rubber stamps, but love the effect of stamping on white tissue for layering. I included swirls and birds and music, although some are hidden under the layers. There are also some words from magazines layered beneath the paper napkins. I sprinkled too much glitter into the wet glue and used fine sandpaper to get rid of some of it after it was dry. 'Stickles' highlight the pine cone and two bird's eyes. I layered two green trims and sewed them in a grid to separate the napkins. I tried to choose appropriate florals/beads/stickers to suit the seasons. The border trim represents a garden trellis which remains in place through all the seasons. More florals were then added to soften the edges. I enjoyed the challenge to try new techniques with this swap."

I really do like Beverley's use of silk leaves and flowers in her piece. I would not have thought of doing that myself, but it works! Thanks, Bev : ))

12x12 Fabric technique swap #6: Monica Smith, Texas

Here we have Monica's contribution to our swap - and it is wonderful! Monica also has a blog called Material Pleasures and wrote there about making her 12" x 12" piece -check it out! This really is an interesting piece using painted and torn paper towels fused to muslin, wow! Monica even sent me some of the leftover bits from her project to play with, thanks so much! I really like the vibrant colours and the fabric beads & sequins you have added. : ) This is Monica's first swap with me - welcome to creative swaps!

12x12 Fabric technique swap #5: Lorraine Webber, Rhode Island

This 12" x 12" beauty comes from Lorraine Webber in Rhode Island. If you click on the photo you should be able to read on the back of her quilt how Lorraine relied on fabrics from her stash, with inspiration coming from the flowers in her husband's garden. She added hand embroidery and beading, and a lovely quote to the back of her piece: "To own a bit of Garden, to scratch it with a hoe, to plant seeds and watch the renewal of life -- this is the most commonest delight of the race, the most satisfactory thing a man can do. -C.D. Warner"

So lovely, Lorraine! I was also glad to hear from Lorraine in an email that she enjoyed the challenge and notes she is beginning to relax and feel more secure about experimenting -that's wonderful! Thank you for participating, Lorraine.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #4: Louise Wood, Edinburgh, Scotland UK

I feel very lucky! I get to open many, many packages of wonderful 12"x12" mini quilts for this swap! Hopefully, all 40 in total will come in. Yes, there is work involved to organize & swap, but I still feel very lucky! Here is #4, from Louise Wood in Scotland - click on any photo for more detail:

Louise sent me a wonderful description, which I will quote:

Quilt Base: This is an old curtain lining, stamped with text and over printed with large swirls. I also painted and printed on some bondaweb, and once dry, ironed onto the curtain lining. I machine embroidered flowers, a tree branch and a flower stem over the fabric to create my base.

Large flower and bird motifs: These are made from old pj's and layered with some scrap fabric pieces, and machine appliquéd onto the base.

Words LOVE and small hearts and flower center: These are made from fabric paper. I layered pink and red tissue over some cotton fabric, using watered down PVA as the adhesive. I then dry brushed some ink over the crinkles to add another dimension. I hand stitched beads onto the hearts and flower centre.

Words 'grows here' and flower stems: hand stitched.

I hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I enjoyed designing and making it.

I do, Louise! It is really wonderful. Thank you for participating, especially from overseas.

: ) lenna

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #3: Jolande van de Beld, The Netherlands

What a wonderful surprise was in my mailbox yesterday from Jolande van de Beld, from the Netherlands! This is the third arrival out of an anticipated 40 arrivals, for our 12x12 mini quilt Fabric Technique swap. Jolande enclosed a note which I will quote:

Dear Lenna, Thank you for this swap! I had so much fun creating again after several months. As a theme I have chosen Franz Schubert, the composer. I love his music! For a long time I owned some music fabric, that's how I got the idea of making my quiltie about the composer.

I have used several techniques as I printed on a piece of cotton fabric (ink jet printer), attached this on the back of the quiltie. The music stamps i have used so many times and still love them. I never had used stamps on fabric, but with your instructions, it was much fun to do. I had to order versacraft stamping ink in the USA, because I could not get it here in the Netherlands. I have included some leftover fabric for you. Looking forward to see the other quilties on your blog. Hugs, Jolande xoxox

Thank you, Jolande!
Your mini quilt is wonderful : ) lenna

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #2: Vicki Page, Wisconsin

The second swap entry for our one-for-one 12x12 mini quilt has come in from Vicki Page in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin - WOW!

The theme for this swap is exlore a new technique and recycle. Vicki folllowed Frieda Oxenham's instructions on how to create a fabric paper collage when making her 12x12 quiltie, and the results are so lovely!

Thank you, Vicki!


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