Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Garden ATC - Frieda Oxenham, Scottish Borders, UK

It is so exciting to have our very FIRST swap entry here in my hands already . . . click on the picture above for even more detail! Frieda Oxenham, from the Scottish Borders, UK, is the first participant in the fabric ATC swap to send in her Garden ATCs, due in my hands by July 31st. Hooray! Frieda's ATCs are so lovely too; very colorful & textural, with wonderful beads & stitching. If you did not know, Frieda is a very accomplished award winning quilt artist and I feel very lucky to have her in this swap! Check out the links to her websites (above) as soon as you can for lots of inspiration & eye candy.

This morning, one of our participants -Pamela, asked me how the back of the ATC should be handled. Frieda gives a wonderful example with her ATCs, which I will show you below. I did give specifics for how I wanted the Circle Book pages to be handled on the back - but totally forgot about spelling it out for the ATCs! I would say basically the same info: your name, website or blog if applicable, your email or snail mail or State/Country. You may want to number your ATCs (1 of 6) or give them a title - I will leave that up to you. Click on the photo below to see how Frieda has them labelled: 2 of 4, 3 of 4 (she made an extra one for herself as we are working with sets of 3). If you prefer to add your info to a tag and attach that to your ATC that's fine too. AT the very LEAST, please have you NAME somewhere so I can easily identify your ATCs - thanks! And please, have fun creating & thinking about what you might do for both of these swaps.
yours creatively, Lenna

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Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT!!!! That Frieda is a whiz!!!! What a gorgeous entry to start with!!! I'm still collecting things to put together!! :)Linda


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