Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Forest Quilties SWAP!

I am here to announce both the winner of the most creative forest quilties and to let you know they are all swapped, packaged & labeled - Ready to be mailed, tomorrow!

It again was another hard choice to pick the most creative entry for this swap, but one participants' quilties stood out more than the rest to me. Congratulations are in order to Vicki Page in Wisconsin. She has won the most creative entry with her beautiful set of wool forest quilties! I have gathered together a bunch of fabrics (including some wool) that I hope she will enjoy, and added this prize pack to the quilties Vicki received in trade. I have never seen anything like the quilties that Vicki created for our swap! You can see them below along with all the other wonderful quilties on a forest theme that came in for this swap. Thanks to everyone for participating, and a special thanks to those who were able to make an extra quiltie for me, It is so appreciated!

1 comment:

ScaryCheri said...

oh how gorgeous. I love the deer she did. Congrats Vicki Page. Thanks to Lenna for this wonderful swap. Just got home from work and I love the ones I recieved. Hugz, Scary


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