Sunday, May 3, 2009

Canceling the Canvas Swap

I'm so sorry to write tonight and let you know that I am canceling the last swap I had scheduled -- The 3 for 3 collage on canvas swap due in June. I had 14 participants register already and I will be refunding their registration payment via PayPal later tonight, as soon as I send this message to the blog! One participant has already sent in her canvases, and I will be mailing those back to you tomorrow, Martha.

Again, I apologize, but there is just too much going on in my life personally with selling our home and all that entails. I need to focus my attention on the process of moving to be near my parents and feel I cannot give this canvas swap the attention it needs.

So! You will find the creative swaps blog quiet for quite a while. I have no idea when our home will sell and when I will get back to hosting and I cannot even think of it now, so please don't ask! I know many of you thoroughly enjoyed the swaps and will miss them dearly. I want to thank you again for being with me on this journey. I rarely hear complaints, usually I hear the opposite, but . . . if you were ever unsatisfied with the swap and did not tell me, I want to thank you for remembering to take these exchanges as a chance to learn and grow, and be challenged to do your best work. Everyone has a different "level" and I have always tried my best to match you up with something you will appreciate, no matter what level you are. I feel the most important part of this is simply the challenge to be inspired and create; not what you receive. I have hosted art swaps for so long because I love to bring people together to create. I feel I have a gift to be able to do this - and I should use this gift when I can. Please find another outlet in the meantime - I can suggest ARTchix Studio for great challenges, swaps and free classes (some written by me!). I hope to see you again before too long. Thank you for your participation, support and wonderful art.

Most sincerely, Lenna


Vickie said...

Sweet Lenna,
I wish you quick success in selling your lovely home and some quality time to spend with your parents. Family is the most precious gift we have. Yesterday I became a grandma for the first time!
Life goes round and round. I'm so grateful to have travelled a bit with you. I think our paths will cross again in the future. Meanwhile, keep in touch with your blog.
All the best xoxo

Andrea said...

Selling and moving house is very stressful and I completely understand why you have cancelled this swap. I am not involved with this one but since started a blog 16 months ago I have found how understanding craft bloggers are. So no apology needed Lenna and we will all still be here when you want to resume at a time that is right for you.
Take care.
Andrea (UK)

Joanie Hoffman said...

Dear Lenna,
All my best wishes and hopeful prayers go to you and your family.
Keep us posted when you can.


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