Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Following up on the Shades of Spring Quiltie Swap

Rose Momsen, one of my swap participants sent me the following photos & descriptions:

"Front cover: image is paper appliqued from Melissa Sweet's Counting Birds Wall Cards by eeBoo Toys. I had dreams of making this image in fabric for my pages, so was happy to use it for the cover. It seems to embody the quiltie theme really well."

Yes! I received a lovely email from Rose Momsen in Point Roberts, Washington the other day. She had some photos to share with me, and she told me she had made a book out of her Robin's Egg Blue and Brown ~ Shades of Spring Quilties from our swap, that she loves. Rose said, "I thought the other quiltie artists would enjoy seeing what I did with their work."

Wow! I asked if she would mind writing a few sentences to share with us about her photos, and she did. Thank you so much, Rose! More on how she completed this project below all the photos.

" Top view of the fatbook. Calgary artist Anne St. Louis' page with ribbon tags can be seen reaching up."

"View of fatbook sitting open. It's a bit floppy to display like this, but you can see a bit of my spring landscape page this way."

"South Dakotan Sue Lee's page on the left says, "Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'" And Martha Franklin, from Virginia did the dot ribbon framed, heart button leaved page on the right."

"The back of Anne's page on the left, and my Homage to Nancy Crow's Constructions Series on the right. That's some of the same Lonni Rossi brown/black print that I used for the outside spine on the cover."

"Beverley Teichrob from Victoria, BC did the page on the left (her front was a wonderful felt nest in a tree), and Sara Ellen Davis from Tennessee did the page on the right, with a vintage pin of a turquoise owl in the upper left corner."

"This is the inside of the front cover, with my business card and Lenna's card glued in place. You can see the over cast whip stitch clearly, where the signature of the quiltie pages is attached to the cover over the seam allowance. I used a blue thread to sew the quiltie pages together, and a brown thread to sew them to the covers, keeping with the same color theme. The page on the right is by Kate North, who lives outside London, England. Her page seemed to be a great introduction to the Spring theme of the swap, so I chose it for the first page.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! My book has pages from Kate North, Beverley Teichrob, Saraellen Davis, Lisa Mallette (Florida), Joellyn Quinn (Wisconsin), Anne St. Louis, Sue Lee, Martha Franklin, myself, and Dawn Sellers (Oregon)."

"It was great fun to participate in my first "Lenna Swap", the Robin's Egg Blue and Brown Spring Quilties from 2008. I knew I wanted to make a fabric fatbook out of mine, so I sent in two different sets of little quilts, kept one each of my pages, and swapped with the friend who got me to join, too, so I wound up with 12 pages for my book. I played with the page order for a long time, and then sewed the twelve pages together into a signature with a line of chain stitching across them in three places: top, middle, and bottom. I made a cover "envelope style" by piecing handdyed blue fabrics backed with interfacing, and found a great brown/black Lonni Rossi print for the book's spine. I slipped heavyweight coverstock paper into the front and back before assembling the cover, to give the book some body.

The cover's seam allowances are hidden inside the spine opening by hand whip stitching the signature over them, securing the pages to the book. There's a slit for a pocket in the inside back cover where I put copies of the emails and the directions for the swap. Here are pictures and comments. Thanks everyone who participated! Rose Momsen, Point Roberts, WA - geonrose@pointroberts.net"

~ Now, if anyone one else out there has also completed projects, or does finish projects using art from our previous swaps that you would like to share here, please email me. It would be fun to share what you have done with the rest of the viewers, especially as creative swaps are on hiatus now, and this blog is otherwise quiet. Thanks!


donnajean said...

Wonderful work of art! I am finding it is so fun to have a piece of art to look at that is a combo of so many wonderful artists! Thanks to everyone who participates! An even bigger THANKS to Lena for all the work in coordinating the swaps!

Shasta said...

This looks beautiful - turned out great!


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