Saturday, October 1, 2011

Barbara Johnson: Haiku ATC swap

Yesterday, I received these really lovely ATCs from Barbara Johnson in Illinois. More than I expected, I have been enjoying receiving and especially reading everyone's haiku.

All haiku ATCs are due in my hands one week from today, October 8th. I will swap them out as soon as I am able and then I will be taking a small break from hosting swaps. My father was transported to the Hospice House last night and was settled in comfortably. He was having end-of-life symptoms that were difficult to manage at home and I know in my heart that now he is in the best place for everyone involved. He has been battling cancer for over 3 years. We, my entire family, have each other and we are holding up. I need to keep doing what I can as far as my art and the swap for my own well-being, but wanted you to understand if I am not here. Thank you. lenna


Joanna said...

Absolutely stunning ATC's, I love them, particularly the one with the bunnies!

Your Dad will get the best care in the hospice - I know my Dad was hugely reassured by the care he received when he entered his hospice for his last few days. You can concentrate on being an emotional support for him and your Mom, rather than coping with the medical issues that present themselves.

Love to you,


Trece said...

I keep your family in my nightly prayers. I hope his passing is easy, and that God's love will fill the vacancy. God bless you all.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

love the themes and the haiku on these. xxDonna


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