Monday, December 12, 2011


I did some housecleaning today and updated the creative swaps blog. The information pages are now easily view-able as side tabs, top right on the blog. I think it looks good, but I hope you'll take a look and let me know what you think. I am pondering about what would be fun for us to do as a creative swap in the new year . . . . and you know I am always open to suggestions. Leave me a comment or email me, thanks!! lenna


magicmoonmusings said...

Some ideas for you:

- Pincushions
- Altered dominoes
- Button art

I'm a lurker and very much enjoy seeing all the wonderful projects everyone creates! Thanks for sharing all these great pictures.

Leslie said...

All your swaps have been fun but I missed a lot of the ones from previous years. Is there one or two that were especially wonderful that you could do again?
Or I really enjoyed the couple journal page swaps I've done, Mary Green's gluebook pages and one in another group. Maybe tip-ins of journal pages, choosing at least 3 techniques from a list of ten or something?
Or handmade Christmas cards for use next year?
Or decorated altoid-type tins?

Nancy said...

The new banner looks good. Maybe my computer at the moment, but the page is slow to load. hmmm.... ideas for a swap... I like the idea above about something with dominoes. Maybe a determined size of journal page backgrounds featuring a technique that the recipient could then finish with her own stamping, journaling, etc? The page could have an accompanying card describing the how-to for creating that particular backgroung.

queenb2u said...

Ok, what have you always wanted to try? So many things out there that I didn't known about until I came across Creative Lenna. I think you should pick something you are excited about and that excitement will be spontaneous in your followers. You Rock... bb

Joanna said...

Your page loads up just fine for me!

I've spent all afternoon with 80 children at their Christmas party so my brain is mush - can't think of anything to suggest. I'll have a think and get back to you if I have a light-bulb moment (although they are few and far between these days!).


joy said...

Hi, Lenna! I'm currently away from my blog, but able to check in here and there to keep up with my favorite blogs.

I love the idea of exchanging loose journal pages (backgrounds) that the recipients can either tip-in to their journals or use as is to complete in their own way. Should be a predetermined size, I think. Personally I like the idea of "anything goes" with a description of how it was done included on a separate piece of paper.

Your own ideas are always inspirational, so I am sure you will come up with fun swaps!

Hugs to you!

magicmoonmusings said...

Oh! Thought of several more ideas / themes:

- fabric beads

- beaded safety pins (remember those friendship bracelets we made using safety pins and beads? Imagine them with the gorgeous beads available now!)

- handmade Christmas ornaments

- handmade fabric paper

- scrumbles / freeform


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