Friday, December 4, 2015

NEW Creative Swap: Inspiration Collage!

Update 12/12: 

This Swap is FULL and closed for registration with 35 participants. 

Stay tuned for the swap results -here!

Can you imagine that after 3 years of rest, I am excited again about hosting a swap! I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but only just recently came upon an idea I really like. I'm naming this new swap the INSPIRATION COLLAGE SWAP. You will make 3 collages and receive 3 collages!

Everything is due in my hands Jan 30th, 2016. The size of all of the collages will be 5x5 inch watercolor paper and I will mail the blanks to you to work on after you register via PayPal. The cost is $6.00/USA and $8.00/International mailing. I'm calling this the Inspiration Collage swap because when you register, not only will I send you the watercolor squares, but I will also send you a baggie of collage inspiration! :O)

December 4th, 2015: Announcing a new Creative Swap!
✴ Inspiration Collage: Three collages (sized 5x5) swapped for Three ✴

Create THREE collages of any style using the watercolor squares I send to you (I’m doing this for consistency). The cost to register is $6.00/USA and $8.00/International, payable to me only via PayPal. You MUST include your mailing address when registering. 

When the swap has concluded, you'll receive in the mail from me, the same amount of collages done by other artists and swapped back to you in return. All of the swap packages (your 3 collages) must be delivered to me on or before January 30th, 2016. Please note that late entries will not be included in the swap. After you register for this swap, I will send you a small baggie of inspiration (collage items) along with THREE 5” x 5” watercolor squares for you to create your collages with. Please try to use at least one item from the inspiration bag I send to you on each 5x5 square (use more if you like). You are of course, free to use anything else for your collages: paint, paper, stencils, paints, watercolor crayons, your own collage materials, inks, rubber stamps, ephemera, etc. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

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Yours creatively, lenna 


Jewels said...

Wahoo I'm in!

sharon said...


ColourFly said...

Payed!!!! YES!

Terri said...

I'm with Jewels and Sharon...I'm in!
This will be my first swap in a very long time too : )
Thank you for hosting!

Nancy said...

So glad you're back with a new swap, Lenna. Always enjoyed your previous ones, and I'm off to sign up for this one.

Linda said...

I love this idea!

Sadlerstar said...

Yes Please! I love this idea too!

Indigo Blue said...

Was delighted to get your swap email but 1 could not meet the deadline, but I am looking forward to taking part in future swaps. lovely to have you "back". Wishing you a Happy New year!!
Andrea M

Indigo Blue said...
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