Wednesday, December 9, 2009

vote for art swap ideas!

The poll is up and running on the creative swaps blog! Thanks to all of you who have voted already on your favorite art exchange ideas. As of this writing it looks like ATCs and 4x4 collages are in the lead, but i will leave the poll up until the end of the year. I am excited about hosting a swap again in 2010! It has been quite a while and I have definitely missed hosting. I hope you will join me early next year and also let me know what you are most interested in participating in. Thanks!

We are settling in to our rental here in Florida, looking at other options for the future and enjoying my oldest son and his significant other visiting us this week. My mom's 75th birthday is tomorrow and my sister will be down visiting too!! : ) lenna young andrews, December 9th, 2009


Robin Walters said...

Hi! So glad I found your blog! I love making and trading mail art with everyone. I can't wait to join in some of your swaps in 2010.

I like making and trading the - Twinchies, Inchies and Rinchies too. Do you have swaps for those sometimes?

Happy Holidays!

katelnorth said...

Glad to see you are going to be hosting some new swaps next year - hope I have time to take part in one!


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