Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sneak Peeks: Kate North and Margriet van Tol

Kate North in the UK let me know that her ATCs for the Love Gone Wild were done, and she'd be sending them to me soon! Check them out one her blog, Kate's Quilting (& other fibre arts). I definitely think they are wild enough Kate, and i love your 'overgrown garden' idea.

A few days ago, Margriet van Tol, from the Netherlands let me know she had created her ATCs - in fact she had created 9 and has chosen 4 for the swap. Which 4 are a secret until i recieve them, but you can see all of Margriet's ATCs in this flickr set she created. It is really fun for me to see that Margriet used some of the images i provided in the mini-ATC lesson pdf file i sent out for the swap!

Great job, both of you! When your ATCs arrive, I will scan or photograph which ones you sent for the swap and get them up here on the swaps blog for everyone to enjoy! : ) lenna young andrews - January 21st, 2010 -p.s. there are still some spots left and all ATCs are due in my hands February 15th!

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