Sunday, January 24, 2010

sneak peeks: Sabine Schneider and Joy Meadows!

A couple more sneak peeks of our 'Love Gone Wild' ATC swap! From Sabine Schneider in Germany we have 2 sets. Both sets look really wonderful, so textural and i love the feathers Sabine used. For a translated page (german to english) visit Sabine's ColorFly Blog here. The original url address is at the top of the page if you prefer for those of you who know german. i don't, so i translated the page!

From Joy Meadows in the USA we also have two sets, the first one is here and the second set is shown here. Joy used some of the images i provided in her first set, so fun to see! i am really so pleased with everything i have received or seen for this swap. I know that Joy, Sarah B, Barbara D and Lynda Ozzauto in the States have sent their ATCs off, and Sabine Busch, Sabine Schneider, Sandi, Margriet, Marion & Kate who are all International have sent me their ATCs too. I have only received from Sabine Busch & Barbara DeLisle so far but want you to know from my experience sending things to my parents, it can sometimes take 4 days (not 2) for mail within the US to reach here. Sabine Busch's ATCs took about 7 days to arrive from Germany, so that is pretty good. I check my post office box every day or two and will let you know when they arrive. Have fun with this swap! lenna young andrews - January 24th, 2010

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