Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a fabric Tag for the swap

I am going to be participating in my own swap, which is always fun to do if I can! I've made 5 tags so far and will plan on making 9 tags so I can have one of my own in with my swap returns. I definitely wanted to try making a fabric tag (it's been a while) and thought I would share with you how I did that, in case you wanted to try too, but were not sure where to start.
Click on any photo for more detail.

I used a shipping tag for a pattern and also cut batting the same size as my front & back.

On an extra piece of similar fabric I stamped words I like. I found it a challenge to work monochromatic!

I stitched my extra fabric to the front - the batting is behind this piece.

I included the shipping tag in the sandwich for strength

Back and front, ready to be put together - I used my xyron adhesive machine to attach!

The finished fabric tag for the colorful words Tag Book swap!

my tags for the swap so far . . .  stay tuned for more!

This swap is active with room for participants but your tags will need to be in my mailbox by Saturday, June 12th. I would love to add you to my list! See the SIDEBAR of this blog for a PayPal "Pay Now" button to register for this swap. All of the details can be found here: on this post! : ^) lenna

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