Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tag Book Swap: Sabine Busch, Germany

Sabine's tags arrived today from Germany after traveling for 8 days to reach me. Hallelujah! All I can think of to say is how absolutely beautiful they are. Visit Sabine's blog here -click on the scan for more detail.

I showed them to my husband who said, wow, very nice . . . and then he asks, what are these for? I told him and he said - How are you going to put these together???  : ) I said, the tags sent in will all go out to other participants. I will layer complimentary ones together, add a cover and "bind" the tags into a book through the holes on the tags with ribbon or yarn or . . . . well, we'll see!  I am so looking forward to making these treasures up for you! We have 21 participants and 8 tags (or 9 if you want one of your own in the mix) are due in my hands by June 12th. There is still time to sign up if you'd like to join us, please see the sidebar for details. 

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