Saturday, July 31, 2010

preview: Frieda's Tags for the Technique Tag swap!

I am so excited! I just visited frieda's blog as i do most days and had a most wonderful surprise! Frieda has finished her tags & envelopes for our Technique tag swap due October 9th. Wow, I really like them! I copied the photo she had on her post so I could add it here. You can visit her blog to read her very complete instructions on how she created them! Amazing & wonderful tags . . .

so very cool. I adore these layered tags, frieda!!
Thank you so much Frieda. I will post more in detail after they arrive here in the states. I just could not resist sharing a bit of inspiration from you, with the group! Again check out Frieda's post for more details & pictures. She just added some wonderful detailed photos HERE.  (8/20/2010: the swap is now CLOSED for registration.)
: ^ ) Happily yours, lenna

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friedaquilter said...

So happy you like them, Lenna, and thanks for the link. I had a wonderful time making these and thanks for pointing me in the direction of lots of exciting techniques and organizing yet another fabufantastic swap!


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