Monday, October 11, 2010

Marianne Baugher: Technique tag Book swap -last upload!

Marianne's tags & envelopes were the last ones I needed to scan for this swap - whooo whoo! Now I need to swap all the tags and envelopes so everyone who participated ends up with a "book" of techniques; one of their own tags and nine other envelopes/pages with a tag inside, bound with metal rings. I'll probably get started tonight. Here are Marianne's amazing tags and envelopes . . .
all of Marianne's envelope fronts

two different techniques, on the back & front of her tags
lifting up the written technique to show you the actual tags
close up of the crackle technique over patterned paper
Marianne also wrote a wonderful post on her blog about her tags, you'll find it here. Thanks so much Marianne and also to everyone who sent their Technique tags & envelopes in! I will be back with an update soon on the swapping process. 

I am also busy writing a lesson/article about Mail Art for our next creative swap that I will be announcing later this week, I hope. If you are new to mail art you can learn all about it, and if you're not new to this art, I hope to expand your knowledge of it and give you a great experience with my lesson & swap. We'll exchange 3 or 4 pieces of Mail Art that you'll be sending to me individually. It will be a lot of fun and I will be back with more information  later!! lenna

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sharon said...

These are goegeous, as are all the others I have looked back on!


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