Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a new swap - Mail Art!

a new creative swap sharing mail art!

I’m hosting a mail art swap ; ^ ) I just love seeing artful envelopes and postcards in my mailbox. This truly makes my day, and my postman Ken’s day too! I would love to introduce you to mail art and/or expand your knowledge and enjoyment of it. For this swap, I've written a lesson all about mail art. This pdf file includes an introduction to mail art, instructions for making your own envelopes out of fabric or paper, a link to a template & instructions for making faux postage, options for mailing, instructions for nature printing on your envelopes, lots of theme ideas and many examples of mail art for inspiration. I’ve also included lots of links to websites that I have researched out for you as additional information on mail art, including links to a few videos if you are more of a visual learner. You will receive a link to this 22 page pdf file via email immediately after your registration is complete. If you have joined my swaps before, you already know that the pdf files I include with my creative swaps are well worth the registration fee in themselves! The pdf files are a mini version of my online workshops, filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration.

The fee for the mail art swap is $12 and you can register on the sidebar of the creative swaps blog. This includes the 22 page mail art lesson, documentation on the creative swaps blog of all the mail art sent in for the swap - plus return postage/ handling for all the swap pieces you’ll receive in return, sent inside a mail art envelope created by me, whoo whoo! Additionally, you’ll receive with your returns a list of all the snail mail addresses for everyone completing the swap. My hope is this list will encourage you to send out more mail art on your own after the swap concludes! Here are the specs:

*Create 3 mail art envelopes OR postcards and mail each one individually to be received by me no later than December 4th, 2010. Please DO NOT put them in one envelope to me. You may send them as you finish them or all at the same time, whatever works for you.
*Size + type: Envelopes and Postcards sized AT LEAST 3 ½”x 5” and NO LARGER THAN 10”x 12”. *Each piece of mail should be decorated in some way with your return address visible - important!
*Decoration includes, but is not limited to: paint, crayons, fabric, colored pencils, digital art, collage, various papers, rubber stamps, drawing, printmaking, sewing and/or . . . ? ?
*You can be as simple or as elaborate as you like with your mail art -
any style is OK. Envelopes can be sent empty, with nothing inside.
*The theme will be OPEN -but I will have suggestions you can choose from.
*Consider matching your artwork to your postage stamps or adding faux postage stamps (more on this in the mail art lesson).
*You may create your own envelopes/postcards out of fabric or paper. You could recycle envelopes OR use new blank envelopes/postcards – just add your art or alter them.

I will receive your envelopes and postcards individually in my mailbox so each one will be cancelled as it goes through the mail stream. As they are delivered, every postcard or envelope will be documented on the swaps blog with a link to your blog or website (if you have one). When the December 4th deadline arrives, I’ll swap the mail art pieces I’ve received among all of the participants completing the swap. Everyone will receive THREE different pieces of mail art in return. Your returns will be sent to you in a mail art envelope that I have created myself – my bonus gift to you! * IF you have the time and would like to send 4 individual mail art items in for the swap, the 4th one will be considered a gift for me. I will happily keep the extra mail art piece for myself! Each participant will actually be receiving 4 pieces; the 3 mail art pieces from the swap and the envelope I create and use to send your returns home in. NOTE: THREE pieces of mail art is the requirement, but four pieces are welcome and the only way to send a hostess gift if you desire (not required).

If you would like to participate but aren’t sure what mail art is, or you don’t know what to do, don’t worry!! My mail art lesson, which is sent to you as an easy to download and print pdf file when you register, will have tons of mail art examples, idea, instructions and inspiration to get you started! Go to the sidebar of the creative swaps blog and look for the BUY NOW button for the mail ART swap - and sign up!

See you in the mail –the envelope is the museum!


ColourFly said...

Wow, that sounds really great! Good idea, something really new for me!
Looking forward to it!


Marilyn said...

What a wonderful swap! I've often wanted to try this but didn't know where to start--this will be great!! Thanks, Lenna;)

MsCheevas said...

I love mail art!!! Count me in!


Jo said...

Wow! This sounds fun,Lenna.

I've never had ago at mail art but I'm keen to have a go. Your lesson will be perfect! Thank you so much,


friedaquilter said...

I finished my envelopes today and thought it was a bit sad to send empty ones so also made postcards that are enclosed in the envelopes. They went postal today and you can read all about it here:


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