Saturday, January 30, 2010

ATC Swap: Love gone wild sets #12 + #13: Sabine Schneider, Germany

oh my goodness! Two beautiful sets of fabric ATCs have flown in from Sabine Schneider in Germany. Set one is below -all photos are click-able for more detail:
a closer look:

very close!! (and beautiful)

Sabine's second set:

Sabine, i love your vintage photos, use of feathers, stitching and your fabrics! Sabine's blog is ColorFly, to see more on her ATCs plus more of her art.

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #11: Sandi Manning, Australia

From Sandi Manning in Australia, we have our 11th set of ATCs! You will see 5 shown here as Sandi sent the first one she made as a gift, for me. This was the first ATC Sandi created and the first swap she participated in, wow. Awesome! You would never know by looking at her ATCs -great job! : ^ )

Sandi let me know how she put these ATCs together: "I used rusted watercolour paper as a base; ripped printed tiger paper and leopard print ribbon; alphabet stamps which I outlined with a black marker and coloured with aquarelle pencil; a hand cut rubber stamp (eye) with small alphabet stickers for the text."

Thanks again, Sandi - glad to have you in this swap! View more of Sandi's work on her blog: PuddleDuck Farm.

Friday, January 29, 2010

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #10: Lynda Roddy Ozzauto, IL

From Lynda Roddy Ozzauto in Illinois, wow! A wonderful set of 4 ATCs for our Love Gone wild Swap. I love how Lynda has combined select words with images, some that i definitely recognize from ARTchix -which has a newly designed website, check it out!

wonderful job, lynda -thanks so much for participating! Note: it took about 6 days for lynda's ATCs to reach me at my new address. Make sure you mail by February 10th if you are in the USA to reach me for the February 15th deadline, earlier of course, if you are mailing from overseas!
yum! : ) lenna young andrews - January 29th, 2010. There is still space available (8 sets) if you have been thinking about it & would like to join in - registration button on the left side bar of the blog.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #9: Monica Smith, Texas

From Monica Smith in Kerrville, Texas we have our 9th set of ATCs for the Love Gone Wild swap. Monica's ATCs are a wonderful mix of quilted layers of fabric and netting with paper words,  photos and a shrink plastic (i think?) WILD tiger sewn on each one.

See all of Monica's ATCs below - 2 were the same design, so i flipped one over to show you how she handled the back. You can see more of Monica's art on her blog Material Pleasures.

p.s. i have a scanner again, yay!

Monday, January 25, 2010

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #7 and #8: Joy Meadows, Ohio

Joy Meadows in Ohio registered for two sets of 4 ATCs, which I received today, yum! Joy also sent me a beautiful postcard, thank you, JOY!!

-remember you can click on any photo for more detail. I hope to have a new scanner by the end of the week, which will be easier & give us better pictures. These were taken in the backyard; thus the funny green background!

You can read more about these ATCs and see some of Joy's other fabulous work on her blog, Fifi's Daughter.

The postcard Joy made me is below, about 4" x 3 1/2" . . . .  and it is even more beautiful in person.

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #6: Margriet van Tol, Netherlands

From the Netherlands, Margriet sends a set of 4 plus an extra one, very special, just for me!!

Margriet was an online student of mine not too long ago, and it is so nice to have a photo of her. i just love this! Thanks so much Margriet, what a great idea. Below is a close-up of one of her ATCs for the swap... plus you can see a few more she made on this theme on her flickr account.

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #4 and #5: Sarah Boblit, Iowa

Sarah Boblit in Iowa registered to make 2 sets of 4 ATCs for our Love Gone Wild Swap, and she made an extra one for me. Thank you so much!! I am also trying to show how the ATC backs were done when I can, so you can get ideas of how to handle that . . .

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #3: Marion Bockelmann, Germany

I have received 4 envelopes of swap art in my post office box today, what a treat! Here are Marion Bockelmann's Love Gone Wild ATCs, from Germany. Thanks so much, Marion. You can read more about them on Marion's blog: bockel24.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sneak peeks: Sabine Schneider and Joy Meadows!

A couple more sneak peeks of our 'Love Gone Wild' ATC swap! From Sabine Schneider in Germany we have 2 sets. Both sets look really wonderful, so textural and i love the feathers Sabine used. For a translated page (german to english) visit Sabine's ColorFly Blog here. The original url address is at the top of the page if you prefer for those of you who know german. i don't, so i translated the page!

From Joy Meadows in the USA we also have two sets, the first one is here and the second set is shown here. Joy used some of the images i provided in her first set, so fun to see! i am really so pleased with everything i have received or seen for this swap. I know that Joy, Sarah B, Barbara D and Lynda Ozzauto in the States have sent their ATCs off, and Sabine Busch, Sabine Schneider, Sandi, Margriet, Marion & Kate who are all International have sent me their ATCs too. I have only received from Sabine Busch & Barbara DeLisle so far but want you to know from my experience sending things to my parents, it can sometimes take 4 days (not 2) for mail within the US to reach here. Sabine Busch's ATCs took about 7 days to arrive from Germany, so that is pretty good. I check my post office box every day or two and will let you know when they arrive. Have fun with this swap! lenna young andrews - January 24th, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

sneak peek! Sandi Manning in Australia

Prior to this particular swap I never did "sneak peeks" as in sending you to a participant's blog to see their swap art . . . but especially for those who are sending internationally, i am enjoying sending you to their blogs to see what art is on it's way! I follow Sandi's blog and found when i visited today, she had written a post describing her ATCs for this swap. So cool! When they arrive here in Florida I will add scans of them to the creative swaps blog, but for now, please enjoy seeing them at PuddleDuck Farm! : 0 ) lenna

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sneak Peeks: Kate North and Margriet van Tol

Kate North in the UK let me know that her ATCs for the Love Gone Wild were done, and she'd be sending them to me soon! Check them out one her blog, Kate's Quilting (& other fibre arts). I definitely think they are wild enough Kate, and i love your 'overgrown garden' idea.

A few days ago, Margriet van Tol, from the Netherlands let me know she had created her ATCs - in fact she had created 9 and has chosen 4 for the swap. Which 4 are a secret until i recieve them, but you can see all of Margriet's ATCs in this flickr set she created. It is really fun for me to see that Margriet used some of the images i provided in the mini-ATC lesson pdf file i sent out for the swap!

Great job, both of you! When your ATCs arrive, I will scan or photograph which ones you sent for the swap and get them up here on the swaps blog for everyone to enjoy! : ) lenna young andrews - January 21st, 2010 -p.s. there are still some spots left and all ATCs are due in my hands February 15th!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

sneak peek - Marion Bocklemann

Marion Bockelmann in Germany recently joined our Love Gone Wild swap and just sent me a link to her ATCs! I am in love with them and can't wait to see them in person. You can take a peek at them by visiting her blog. When they arrive I will scan them and add them to the creative swaps blog . . . but i couldn't wait to share them with you now. Marion is Sabine Busch's sister (see 2 posts below) who is also in this swap! : ) lenna

Friday, January 15, 2010

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #2: Barbara DeLisle, Florida

From Barbara DeLisle in Florida, we have our second set of ATCs for our Love Gone Wild theme. Wow, thank you, Barbara! What a fun surprise it was to find your package today. I also share working in altered books with Barbara, through our ABRR group hosted by Sallie Rodman. Here are all of Barbara's ATCs, to the right and below -such wonderful colors! Click on any photo for more detail.
a close up of two of Barbara's ATCs, below:

Barbara also made me a gift on the same theme - thanks so much! Soon i will have my scanner set up again and i will have even better pictures for you : ) lenna young andrews - January 15th, 2010. One month to get these ATCs to me!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ATC Swap: Love gone wild set #1: Sabine Busch, Germany

All the way from Germany, the first set of 4 ATCs have arrived for our Love Gone Wild swap from Sabine Busch. They are absolutely gorgeous, see for yourself!
Sabine wrote me that she had mostly traded ATCs in German groups so far, but her sister Marion had persuaded her to join the ARTchix Yahoo group and helped her to create a blog - see Sabines' blog here. I am so glad she did, and that Sabine decided to try one of my creative swaps. We are so lucky to have her! Below is how Sabine handled the back of her ATCs for the swap:

We have 27 registered with room for more and the swaps are due in my hands February 15th. read the swap details on this earlier post. Thanks! lenna young andrews - January 14, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

love gone wild ATC swap: Sabine Busch, Germany

Sabine Busch from Germany has already completed her ATCs for our 'love gone wild swap' due 2/15 and posted them on her blog! She will be mailing them tomorrow, how exciting for me. You can take a look at her 4 ATCs here:

Beautiful work; thanks so much, Sabine!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

4 for 4 ATC swap

Here is an update for you - the 'love gone wild' ATC swap I recently announced is half-full with participants! It is not due in my hands until February 15th, so you still have time to think about it if you are considering joining. This is an easy 4 ATCs for 4 in return and the details are in this previous post. Sign ups are right here on this blog, with the PayPal 'pay now' button to your left. I have had a number of wonderful artists register from all over the USA: California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Alabama . . .as well as participants from Germany, The Netherlands, and Australia, wow . . . I am looking forward to an awesome swap! I hope you'll join us and have a chance to win some prizes, or just enjoy the art from this swap as it comes in and gets posted on this blog. I will be re-united with my scanner in a couple of weeks when we move into a house/meet the moving van, yay! That will make it easy & fun to share the art from this swap. I will let you know with another post if the sign-ups near the limit of participants! lenna young andrews - January 6th, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

update on the ATC swap

Wow, I have had 12 sign-ups for the Love Gone Wild - 4 for 4 - ATC swap already, in one day. Thank you! I will take about 40 participants, IF that many are interested . . . . so as of this writing know that there are 28 spots open. I will keep tabs on the number of sign ups on the sidebar of the blog so you can check to see if there's room, if you are thinking it over! It is sure to be a fantastic swap with the participants that have registered already. The swap details are in the post below this one, just scroll down.
There has been one really lovely update to the swap since I have announced it. There are now THREE, yes three Prizes for this swap instead of two and gifts for everyone! Vintage Image Madness has volunteered to sponsor the swap by donating small packets of their wonderful images for each player, PLUS giving a free monthly subscription for one month (usually $25) to the Vintage Image Madness website for unlimited downloads. Anyone who completes the swap will have a chance to win (via a random drawing) a 4" x 4" collage created by Lenna -  and another random drawing will be held for the unlimited download subscription. Additionally, one participant will be chosen for the most creative ATC artwork and this person will be awarded free participation in the next creative swap! ALL participants will receive a small gift. Sounds good to me! Hope you'll join us too - all details are below, sign up button to the left! 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Love gone wild ~ 4 for 4 ATC swap!

Happy New Year!

 * *  Love gone wild! Anyone who completes this 4 for 4 ATC swap will have a chance to win (via a random drawing) this 4" x 4" collage created by Lenna! * *

creative swaps 2010 . . . swap #1 – an Artist Trading Card Swap 

• What: a 4 for 4 ATC Swap ~ fabric OR paper OR both. Create 4 ATCs (all the same or all different) and receive 4 different ATCs in return.
• Theme: Love Gone Wild! Think passion, romance, hot colors, wild art techniques, romance novels, kissing, love, valentines, vintage or modern love, a little bit on the wild side.
• Due IN my Mailbox no later than Monday, February 15th, 2010. I reserve the right to return any late swaps received after 2/15/10 back to the sender.
• TWO sets of 4 is the maximum you are allowed to submit for this swap and you must register for each set that you submit ($5.00 per set). Simply register on the creative swaps blog twice and I will know you are sending in 2 sets.

To register for this swap is easy! Use the ‘pay now’ PayPal button in the left hand side bar on the creative swaps blog. The $5.00 fee to register for this swap is your non-refundable payment for postage, handling and an information packet pertaining to the swap. PayPal is a free on-line bank service - find out more here. The $5.00 registration fee covers return mailing of one set of 4 ATCs both within the USA, and outside of the U.S.A.
I will confirm your registration via email with additional swap information including a nine page pdf file filled with Artist Trading Card ideas, links and possible images to use as well as the mailing address where you need to send your swaps to. If the email you have listed with PayPal is not the correct one for me to correspond with, please notify me of the correct email. If you have sent a PayPal registration and have not received confirmation from me within 48 hours please Email me directly.

The perks! There are now THREE Prizes for this swap and gifts for everyone! 
Vintage Image Madness has volunteered to sponsor the swap by donating small packets of their wonderful images for each player, PLUS giving a free monthly subscription for one month  (usually $25) to the Vintage Image Madness website for unlimited downloads.  Anyone who completes the swap will have a chance to win (via a random drawing) a 4" x 4" collage created by Lenna - shown above, and another random drawing will be held for the unlimited download subscription. Additionally, one participant will be chosen for the most creative ATC artwork and this person will be awarded free participation in the next creative swap! ALL participants will receive a small gift.
• All ATCs must be 2.5” x 3.5” in size (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm)
• your design can be either landscape or portrait orientation
• your ATCs can be all fabric, all paper, or some of both
• your ATCs can be ALL the SAME design - ALL different - or a mix

- hope you can join us! Swap is limited to 40 participants. :  ^ )  lenna young andrews - Dec. 31st, 2009


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