Thursday, June 21, 2007

Garden ATCs - Nina Owens, Texas

Nina's Garden ATcs have arrived and they are wonderful . . . . think, "Journey into the Garden". Nina writes that the design for her ATCs is from a couple of separate drawings she did a few years ago in her art journal. She combined them in CS2 (photo shop) and printed them onto fabric, adding the text via CS2 as well. I think the effect is stunning! Thank you, Nina. I especially like how you did not stitch your ATCs all the same way : ) Please click on either photo to get a larger, more detailed look at them!


Cat said...

I love all the gorgeous gardens that have been posted and the variety and creativity is just exceptional!!!! Thanks for keeping this blog updated, Lenna, it is so insporational!
My ATC's are pretty well created in my to get them into fabric form!!!

Lenna said...

You are most welcome, Cat! I enjoy sharing the art that comes in and it's not hard for me to do - just a little time. It's worth it!

Sounds like you work as I do, thinking about what you'll do and then jumping in. Can't wait to see your ATCs!!


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