Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Garden ATCs - Linda Kunsman, Pennsylvannia

A feast of summer garden color for the eyes flew into my mailbox from Linda Kunsman in PA! WOW! CLick on any photo to enjoy greated detail. These ATCs that Linda created use transparencies from ARTchix - Linda & I are both members of the ARTchix yahoo Group so I got a peek of these before they actually arrived : )) Thanks, Linda! Your ATCs are gorgeous! Thanks so much for the extra one for me!! This makes 12 sets in, and hopefully 32 to go!

Garden ATCs - Norma Bullen, Australia

Wow! Another package in the mail from Australia came today! This one is from Norma Bullen in Langwarrin. Norma writes that these ATCs are her idea of a "walled" garden or even a garden path. I like looking into the center of her ATCs where she sewed tiny flower sequins - click on any photo for more detail. Very cool interpretation, thanks so much for playing! Norma sent some awesome kangaroo fabric too, as well as a few American $$ leftover from a trip she took, to go towards the return postage, fantastic! So glad you signed up, lenna ; ^ )

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Garden ATCs - Val Duncan, Australia

WOW! Look what I recieved in the mail today from Val Duncan in 'down under' Dural, Australia - a vivid, bright summer garden! I'm not sure, but it looks like Val has done some felting techniques on her ATCs. If you have a minute Val, please leave a comment here at the end of this post and tell us how you created these beauties. I am so happy you got into this swap right before I closed it - you are #44 out of 44 participants!
: ) lenna

Garden ATCs - Claire Hoey, UK

All the way from Hope Valley, UK, came a box from Claire Hoey filled with 10 lovely ATCs -she snuck an extra one in for me! Claire also included some lovely extra goodies for me (opal dust and crystal micro netting) in exchange for my return postage on her ATCs for their trip back home across the pond. : ) Wow, I feel quite spoiled!

These are Claire's first ATCs. I know she was nervous as she told me so; but she need not have been . . . look how bright & beautiful they are! I love the bold words and I especially like her idea of a "summer garden paintbox". You can see a close up of the one she made for me, below. Claire used the trick of printing on twill tape - with her ink jet printer no less - that she learned from me in an on-line fabric book class : )) Click on any photo for a closer look and enjoy. I love them, Claire! Thank you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Garden ATCs - Nina Owens, Texas

Nina's Garden ATcs have arrived and they are wonderful . . . . think, "Journey into the Garden". Nina writes that the design for her ATCs is from a couple of separate drawings she did a few years ago in her art journal. She combined them in CS2 (photo shop) and printed them onto fabric, adding the text via CS2 as well. I think the effect is stunning! Thank you, Nina. I especially like how you did not stitch your ATCs all the same way : ) Please click on either photo to get a larger, more detailed look at them!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Garden ATCs - Myfanwy Hart, UK

Myfanwy (pronounced MerVANwe) Hart, from Hampshire in the UK, sent in (3) sets of 3 beautifullty stitched Fabric ATCs with handpainted backgrounds for our Garden ATC swap - wow! I love seeing these little gems arrive in my mailbox; all so different! I am also very glad many of you are sending your ATCs early to make sure that your pieces make it here on time. Remember, all ATCs need to be in my hands by July 31st. I will swap whatever I have in my hands on that date and any late entries will be returned. I'm looking forward to receiving more! Quantity: Three, six or nine - any set of three ATCs is fine! Click on Myfanwy's ATCs for more details.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Garden ATCs - Jo~Ann Reichert, Pennsylvania

Another beautiful set of fabric ATCs on a summer garden theme have arrived in CT! Today's mail brought me 9 more wonderful ATCs, plus an extra one as a gift for me. Wow! Thanks so much to Jo~Ann Reichert, who sent these from PA. Lately I have been receiving sets of NINE ATCs, which is just wonderful, but please note that you can send in 3, 6, OR 9 ATCs for this swap; you don't have to send in 9. Here is a couple of scans showing off Jo~Ann's contribution to our Garden theme fabric ATC swap, due in my hands July 31st, 2007. Just beautiful! (click on the scan for more detail of Jo~Ann's wonderful stitching)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Garden ATCs - Susanne Wiebe, Canada

Wow, quite a few more wonderful entries for our fabric ATC swap are here! Susanne Wiebe from Victoria, BC has sent in 9 fabric ATCs following our Garden Theme. She enclosed a thank you note and told me that these ATCs were her very first attempt. If you click on any photo you can view with greater detail and wonder, perhaps as I did, "Are these really her first ATCs?" : - D

I love Susanne's use of color, fibers, mesh & beading. Thanks so much for playing!! Lenna

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Garden ATCs - Marla Rosenlieb, Colorado

Our 4th set of ATCs has arrived from Colorado. Marla Rosenlieb created many beautiful Flower Garden ATCs and sent them in for our ATC exchange! We have 42 artists participating (on this date) and I already have a box of swap envelopes that are blooming with color and creativity. Marla made an extra ATC for me as the hostess, thank you so much! That is why you will see 10 ATCs below; there is also a close-up to your right. Marla created (3) sets, of 3 ATCs, plus she created an extra one for me. : ))))) Hope you enjoy the scans and are inspired! I am eagerly anticipating seeing your ATCs in my mailbox. Click on the scans for more details. Marla's ATCs are very soft and beautifully sewn; also very tactile with the dimensional fabric flowers, beads & buttons. yum!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Garden ATC - Beverley Teichrob, Canada

The third set of ATCs for our Garden Fabric ATC swap arrived in my mailbox yesterday! These ATCs hail from Beverly Teichrob, who lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. I have had the pleasure of visiting Victoria BC, four years ago and was amazed at the all the multitudes of gorgeous flowers growing all over this beautiful city. No wonder Beverly signed up for this swap! She created 3 sets (of 3) fabric ATCs on a garden theme, and she will receive 9 different ones in return. You can see 8 of them grouped together below, and then my favorite one showcased by itself. Thanks so much Beverly, I love the hand stitching & beading that you did! : ) Lenna


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