Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #7: Beverley Teichrob, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Wow! I received so many lovely mini art quilts for our fabric technique swap all in on day! This one is from my friend Beverley, who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Beverley followed Frieda Oxenham's directions for making fabric paper but also told me . . .

"I followed the instructions from 'friedaquilter', except that the top layer includes the full quarter of four napkins to represent four seasons. I've never done much with rubber stamps, but love the effect of stamping on white tissue for layering. I included swirls and birds and music, although some are hidden under the layers. There are also some words from magazines layered beneath the paper napkins. I sprinkled too much glitter into the wet glue and used fine sandpaper to get rid of some of it after it was dry. 'Stickles' highlight the pine cone and two bird's eyes. I layered two green trims and sewed them in a grid to separate the napkins. I tried to choose appropriate florals/beads/stickers to suit the seasons. The border trim represents a garden trellis which remains in place through all the seasons. More florals were then added to soften the edges. I enjoyed the challenge to try new techniques with this swap."

I really do like Beverley's use of silk leaves and flowers in her piece. I would not have thought of doing that myself, but it works! Thanks, Bev : ))

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