Thursday, March 12, 2009

12x12 Fabric technique swap #3: Jolande van de Beld, The Netherlands

What a wonderful surprise was in my mailbox yesterday from Jolande van de Beld, from the Netherlands! This is the third arrival out of an anticipated 40 arrivals, for our 12x12 mini quilt Fabric Technique swap. Jolande enclosed a note which I will quote:

Dear Lenna, Thank you for this swap! I had so much fun creating again after several months. As a theme I have chosen Franz Schubert, the composer. I love his music! For a long time I owned some music fabric, that's how I got the idea of making my quiltie about the composer.

I have used several techniques as I printed on a piece of cotton fabric (ink jet printer), attached this on the back of the quiltie. The music stamps i have used so many times and still love them. I never had used stamps on fabric, but with your instructions, it was much fun to do. I had to order versacraft stamping ink in the USA, because I could not get it here in the Netherlands. I have included some leftover fabric for you. Looking forward to see the other quilties on your blog. Hugs, Jolande xoxox

Thank you, Jolande!
Your mini quilt is wonderful : ) lenna

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Gunnels blog said...

A very beautiful miniquilt!


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