Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4x4 collage swap -roads + paths: lenna andrews, 2nd set - Cortez, FL

I am participating in my own swap (oh!) and have already made one set, based on photographs - but I wanted to create another set made with fabric and more general in theme. My first set was very journal-like and something I wanted to do, but I had a hankering to work this way as well. There is plenty of room in this swap should you like to join us. I will take up to 40 participants and there are 24 spots open. You can register on the side bar of the blog! My second set of 4x4's shown here are made out of hand dyed silk, hand beaded and sewn to a piece of watercolor paper for strength.
Here is what the backs look like:
This is my favorite part, I think:
I have a slideshow that will give you an idea of how I put them together here: 4x4 collages. Looking forward to seeing your entries soon! This swap is due in my hands April 24, 2010.


kapttodd said...

very simple,
and peaceful,
just the right
amount of

Vickie said...

i love these, lenna...the colors, the stitching and the embellishments work their magic for me...gorgeous!! xo


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