Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4x4 collage swap -roads+paths: Sarah Boblit, Iowa

Look at what Sarah has sent us for our 4x4 swap. I am in love with this first one especially, wow!  Sarah did a mix of fabric and paper collages and like Frieda's 4x4s below, Sarah's fabric pieces are backed with sturdy paper. On the back of each one, Sarah wrote her information and drew a road design -different for each collage! Here is an example, below . . . click on any scan for more detail. The back of this 4 x 4 says "Iowa looks like this in Aerial" : ^ )

and the rest of Sarah's are here - 

So cool, Sarah!! Thank you so much for participating in another one of my swaps! 


Nicc79 said...

WOW!! - Those are fantastic!!


sharon said...

Stunning....so unique, and beautiful!


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