Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4x4 collage swap -roads+paths: Frieda Oxenham, Scotland UK

I will start off with a detail of one of Frieda's 4x4 collages for our swap- Click on the image to see a lot more detail! I feel so lucky that my very good friend Frieda Oxenham from Scotland, who is very busy working towards a solo show in 2011 with her amazing art quilts had time to squeeze this swap in. Wow! I included this detailed scan because I love the tree branches Frieda captured in this photograph that are hanging above her snowy lane. Frieda had quite the winter this year with snow december - march; in fact she just wrote me and I think she said they had another snow!! Anyway, let me show you all four 4x4's Frieda created for our swap. All pieces are due in my hands April 24th and the mail is slow as molasses here in Cortez, so get crackin if you have not started yet! There is still room for you if you would like to join us; sign up in the sidebar with paypal. Thanks!

Gorgeous, Frieda! Thanks so much. you can read more about these 4x4's on Frieda's Blog.

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