Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new swap! Tag Book: Colorful Words

a small sample of 'colorful words' tags to give you an idea
2010 Tag Book swap: Colorful Words!
What to make: This is an 8 for 8 Tag swap. Please use any size tags with a hole, when participating in this swap. Various sizes are fine! Your tags do not have to be identical but of course they can be, if you prefer. The tags you make will become part of a colorful, inspiring ‘tag book’. I will put the artfully designed tags together for each participant and your return will be a completed tag book. Please add an extra tag, making 9 tags in total, if you would like one of your own tags in your tag book.

Color your tags with acrylic or watercolor paints, inks, crayons, various papers, colored pencils, pastels, paper napkins . . . use fabric to add color, or whatever else you can dream up! You must choose a single color for each tag. Of course there will be some other colors on your tag, but when you look at each finished tag you should see a dominate color, which can be any color of your choice. Your tags do not have to be all the same color. Images are welcome as well and any theme is okay. When you receive your tag book from me, there will be a mixture of colorful tags in different sizes, combined with words/phrases/poems and quotes.
A single word, a favorite quote, a song lyric or a poem (or a few lines) is required on each tag. Your tags can be made from fabric or paper/card stock by hand, or take a basic office shipping tag and attach fabric or paper to the store bought tag. Add yarn, trims and embellishments as you wish -or not. A variety of tag sizes, shapes and colors for the 8 tags is perfectly okay! Each tag can be different or the same, depending on how you like to work. You can decorate one side (adding color/words) and save the back for your information and the swap information, or you can decorate both sides of the tag; I will leave that up to you. PLEASE sign your tags! I will put the tags together and create a Tag Book for each participant including a cover for the book I make myself, and send it back to you promptly.

To register for the Tag Book swap: Use the ‘pay now’ PayPal button found on the sidebar of this blog, top right. The $7.50 fee to register for this swap is your non-refundable payment for registration, postage and handling, return mailing, organization, plus information and inspiration pertaining to the swap. PayPal is a free on-line bank service; find out more by clicking here. The registration fee covers all costs for return mailing both within the USA, and outside of the USA.
I love having International participants!

Your Tags are due IN my Mailbox no later than Saturday, June 12, 2010.
I reserve the right to return any late swaps received after 6/12/2010. You must allow 5 - 7 days mail time within the USA and 7 - 14 days outside of the USA. The mail is sometimes slow to Cortez, Florida and I cannot be responsible for that or wait for delayed mail. I will confirm your registration via email and include the swap information and my mailing address to send your swap art to. If the email you have listed with PayPal is different from and not the correct one for me to correspond with, please notify me directly. If you have sent me a PayPal registration and you have not received confirmation within 48 hours please email me directly. I hope you will have time to join me in this fun swap! Any questions, email me.
: ) yours creatively, lenna young andrews.


Vickie said...

Oh, Lenna...thank you for this swap ;)...I am delighted! Maybe I will try quilting metal...I have a book somewhere & that technique fascinates are an angel!

ColourFly said...

Oh how lovely. I will register in one moment :-))))))



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