Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4x4 collage swap -roads+paths: Sarah Boblit, Iowa

Look at what Sarah has sent us for our 4x4 swap. I am in love with this first one especially, wow!  Sarah did a mix of fabric and paper collages and like Frieda's 4x4s below, Sarah's fabric pieces are backed with sturdy paper. On the back of each one, Sarah wrote her information and drew a road design -different for each collage! Here is an example, below . . . click on any scan for more detail. The back of this 4 x 4 says "Iowa looks like this in Aerial" : ^ )

and the rest of Sarah's are here - 

So cool, Sarah!! Thank you so much for participating in another one of my swaps! 

4x4 collage swap -roads+paths: Frieda Oxenham, Scotland UK

I will start off with a detail of one of Frieda's 4x4 collages for our swap- Click on the image to see a lot more detail! I feel so lucky that my very good friend Frieda Oxenham from Scotland, who is very busy working towards a solo show in 2011 with her amazing art quilts had time to squeeze this swap in. Wow! I included this detailed scan because I love the tree branches Frieda captured in this photograph that are hanging above her snowy lane. Frieda had quite the winter this year with snow december - march; in fact she just wrote me and I think she said they had another snow!! Anyway, let me show you all four 4x4's Frieda created for our swap. All pieces are due in my hands April 24th and the mail is slow as molasses here in Cortez, so get crackin if you have not started yet! There is still room for you if you would like to join us; sign up in the sidebar with paypal. Thanks!

Gorgeous, Frieda! Thanks so much. you can read more about these 4x4's on Frieda's Blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4x4 collage swap -roads + paths: Peggy Gatto, Calif (set #4 in)

whoo whoo! Another set of 4x4's have come in, more are on the way and more people have registered -all great news. Here is the most recent set received from Peggy Gatto in California.

I know that peggy based her 4x4's on a painting she did of the Great Wall in China. You can see more of Peggy's art on her blog: Peggy's Mixed-up Art!

Click on any scan for more detail -I love how peggy did the back of her collages too!

Friday, March 19, 2010

International 4x4 mixed media collage swap!

It really pleases me that we have such an International group of participants signed up for the current 4x4 mixed media collage swap! We have participants walking roads in New York and Rhode Island, Germany, Florida, The Netherlands and Scotland. There are paths being made in California, Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Sweden and Germany! Participants from Alabama, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Florida and Norway are stepping in and stepping up to the challenge. I truly love this!
The theme of the swap is Roads + Paths - 4 pieces for 4, done in a 4" x 4" size in fabric, paper, either or both. You can read the Full Details of the Swap here. I will take up to 40 participants and the swap is only 1/2 full at this writing. We would love to have you join our International group if you have time. The artwork received is spectacular and the swaps are well-run and organized. I was very proud to receive this comment from Sharon Walworth after our last ATC swap:

  "With Lenna's swaps, I find that  as the cards are shown on her website I want one of EVERY one I see, so when they arrive I am always pleased. Lenna . . . as always, your work running the blog could be a model for swappers everywhere.  Promptness, enthusiasm, skilled scans/photos, high standards . . . I always know that it is safe to join one of your swaps because, start to finish, it will be a pleasure.  Keep up the good work" 

Thank you again, Sharon! I look forward to sharing more art on this theme as it comes in.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4x4 collage swap -roads + paths: lenna andrews, 2nd set - Cortez, FL

I am participating in my own swap (oh!) and have already made one set, based on photographs - but I wanted to create another set made with fabric and more general in theme. My first set was very journal-like and something I wanted to do, but I had a hankering to work this way as well. There is plenty of room in this swap should you like to join us. I will take up to 40 participants and there are 24 spots open. You can register on the side bar of the blog! My second set of 4x4's shown here are made out of hand dyed silk, hand beaded and sewn to a piece of watercolor paper for strength.
Here is what the backs look like:
This is my favorite part, I think:
I have a slideshow that will give you an idea of how I put them together here: 4x4 collages. Looking forward to seeing your entries soon! This swap is due in my hands April 24, 2010.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A sneak peek for Peggy Gatto's 4x4's ~ : ^ )

I just heard this morning from Peggy Gatto that her 4x4's for our roads & paths swap are complete and on their way to me this week. Take a look at her blog: Peggy's mixed-up art! to see how peggy used an original painting of hers to create her pieces for our swap. I will post them on this blog after I receive them. Thanks, Peggy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

4x4 collage swap - roads + paths: Marion Bockelmann, Germany (set #2)

Well, I must say seeing Marion's 4x4 collages for this swap in person is much better than a sneak peek on her blog -wow!! I just love the look Marion has created on her 4x4's with rubber stamping, paint and I believe, watercolor pencil. Marion writes, "Yes, they are made with inkjet transfers that I have painted and drawn over with Gesso, Caran d´Ache Neocolor II crayons and watercolour pencils. These are my favourite materials in general, and I´ve used them all here.Can´t wait to see what the others come up with!"  - Take a look for yourself -click on any image for more details. Thanks so much Marion. I love these!!




Marion's blog is here: bockel24 -to see more of her art.

Slide show from Love Gone Wild ATC swap

Just for fun, and well because there were so many beautiful entries for our 'Love Gone Wild' ATC swap, I created a slide show with one ATC from every set of 4 that I received! Thank you to all the participants for a most wonderful exchange, and enjoy! lenna

Saturday, March 6, 2010

inspiration: Roads + Paths

This morning I received an email from Rod MacIver, an artist, writer and founder of Heron Dance, which is a website/newsletter exploring the beauty and mystery of the natural world with art and words, along with his gorgeous watercolor paintings!

Hi Lenna
I came across your work in 1,000 Artist Journal Pagesand then visited your website.
Your work inspires me!

Wow! what a nice way to start the day! 
I visited Rod's blog and found this writing by Joseph Campbell, which I thought was very appropriate for our swap:

You enter the forest
at the darkest point,
where there is no path.

Where there is a way or path,
it is someone else's path.

You are not on your own path.

If you follow someone else's way,
you are not going to realize
your potential.
- from A Joseph Campbell Companion

Go to this post on Rod's blog - Night Bear: A pause for beauty to read the entire essay.

"And an artist needs friends, people of like mind and goodwill, as support and encouragement on the journey—a journey that requires persistence in the face of rejection and discipline that can only come from within."
          - Roderick MacIver, publisher of Heron Dance

A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle.
          - Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Thank you, Rod! lenna young andrews - March 6, 2010


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