Saturday, April 30, 2011

#4.Donna Parker: little book swap

All the way from San Miguel, Mexico, a wonderful package for our swap was delivered to me the other day.

The box came from Donna Parker and contained 3 individually wrapped books for our swap and a mail art envelope filled with goodies for me! Everything was wrapped inside the box in beautiful, brightly colored tissue paper. Donna very smartly secured her individually wrapped books with a hat pin, so I could easily unwrap and photograph the contents. Thanks so much for this thoughtfulness Donna, it really helped me! Directly below is the first book I unwrapped. 

Click on any photo for more detail!
I love the way this one was wrapped in cheesecloth -and the cover
imagine my delight to find out it's a tiny envelope book!! So cute.
The back was finished so nicely, thank you!
The second book I opened was the one on the right in the box, with a bird on the front and I believe, a hand-stamped fabric cover. When I opened it I found the greatest little "notes to myself" Tag book!
click on the photo for details
There are categories on each tag to fill in like, "10 things that make me happy".
10 things to do that I have never done before ; 0 )
The real joy in life is play!
I love this tag book! Great job, Donna. The last parcel opened was the one on the left in the box shown up top, the one wrapped with the sparkly tulle fabric.

full of pockets, tags and secrets!!
from the back, just beautiful!
Then Donna spoiled me with a beautiful Mail Art envelope as she knows I love them. I think she loves making them too! An envelope she  previously made for me is up on my studio wall, pictured above my shoulder in this photo. It is turquoise blue with an orange slice and an orange circle.

Donna gifted me with a romantic vintage card she made plus a number of other cards and postcards relating to Mexico. You can read about how Donna made her books and see more photos on her blog - HERE . . . and here and also here! Thanks so much, Donna. I love your books!


craftattack said...

Woohoo, glad Donna's lovely little books arrived safely! Now it's getting really exciting, must be nice being able to open all thos parcels! Hope mine arrives soon, too! Valerie

Cat said...

Such amazing & artful books!! They are lovely, Donna!!!

Trece said...

LOVE the tag book!! I have some extra tags I'd bought for something else. I'm gonna make me one. WOW!!

SusieJ said...

How wonderful. Amazing work Donna.

Nancy said...

Donna did it indeed! Every one of these is an absolute little treasure.

sharon said...

Oh, these are really beautiful Lenna! I am so jealous...hehe. You are so deserving of the gifts, you give the gift of yourself always!

Joanna said...

Wow, lovely little books. So much work has gone into their creation.

The 10 things tags have got me thinking......!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Thanks Lenna for posting my books. And as I've said before, thanks for all your hard work ... you bring joy to all of us. Thank you to all of you who have dropped by and left comments ... it makes me very happy and you are so appreciated! hugs from Mexico, Donna

Linda said...

what fun creations these are! I love the idea of the tag book.

Gerri Herbst said...

What wonderful little books!

Linda said...

these books are pure delight!!


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