Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Swap - Little Books!!

Edit: The Little Book Swap is FULL and closed for registrations.
Create 2, 3, or 4 Little Books sized 5" or smaller and deliver them to me by June 18th. You'll receive in return the same amount of little books you sent in. Your $15 registration includes return postage to anywhere in the world and an 18 page lesson on Little Books. (The lesson itself is worth the fee!).

Little Book swap! I am looking forward to hosting this creative swap! We'll be creating small books made by hand, plus viewing them here as they come in, as well as exchanging them. In the lesson that you'll receive when registering, you'll find instructions for 7 small books plus links to websites to find more, video how-to's and links to some great books with many more how-to's. You can follow my instructions or come up with your own ideas.

  • Your books need to be small: 5" or less (12.7 cm)
  • need to be hand made, not purchased & decorated
  • they can be blank inside OR decorated -that's your call
  • minimum of 4 pages, maximum of 20 with a front & back cover
  • Make: 2 for 2, 3 for 3, or 4 for 4 - little books, your choice.
  • Any style book goes - Any materials, including fabric!
  • I need to receive them by June 18th to be included.
  • You need to add your name to each book.
  • They need to be made with effort and care.
Beginners are welcome and the lesson that is included in the registration will be especially helpful to you! I am looking for good quality, interesting and creative little books. I want you to enjoying making a few books, perhaps learning something new and maybe even getting to know the person with whom I will exchange your book with. You do not have to make your little books according to my instructions, you are welcome to create any kind of little book you can dream up! I will welcome seeing all of them and in fact, I will be awarding a prize (or two) for the most exceptional little books that come in. Have fun, and if you have any questions please email me. Hope to see you sign up!

Asia, Lenna, Steve and Chloe
at Lenna's parent's in Florida.


Joanna said...

I'm so tempted, Lenna, even though I really shouldn't be taking on anything else!

I'll have a think and get back to you tomorrow......


Gunvor said...

Awesome swap Lenna! I was longing for something inspiring and creative and can't wait to get started on this one!

Hugs, Gunvor

ColourFly said...

Wow, great idea and I am in!!!!!!

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

Thanks, Lenna. Looking forward to the exchange.

Joanna said...

Oh, of course I've gotta do it! Was there ever really a time when I wasn't??!! NO!

I just can't resist your swaps, Lenna!


Nancy said...

Another terrific swap. I'm signed up and your instructions and resources are excellent. My head is swimming with ideas.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thank you all for your enthusiastic response!! I look forward to making & sharing Little Books with you ; ^ ) lenna

Jewels said...

But for SURE! Jewels

The Pin Factory said...

I wasn't going to as i have so much on but then I couldn't stand by and miss it!! So I am in. When do we need to decide how many books we are making?? hugs
Claire x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

-Claire asked: When do we need to decide how many books we are making??

You can decide right up until when you send! Create either 2, 3 or 4 handmade little books, decorated & embellished -or not, sized 5" maximum in any direction, with 4-20 pages! : )))My lesson will give you instructions and ideas but you can make any book you can dream up.

so glad you joined. With your love of miniatures it seems perfect!
: ^ ) Lenna


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