Saturday, April 23, 2011

#1.Frieda Oxenham: Little Book Swap!

Frieda sent 3 very colourful books for the swap in easy to open/re-seal bags,
plus a special gift book for me that included a photo of her!
A stray square of fabric serendipitously traveled along too. ; * )
My dear friend Frieda in Scotland was the very first to get her little books in for the swap -in April- when they are not due until June!! When she joined she told me she might not have time to make little books for the swap but she wanted to register just for my lesson because she said they are,"always so very informative". I was truly honored and told her if she could make a book or two it would be great and if not, don't worry! As it turns out a few days later she wrote me and asked me to guess who was making little books??? I was so happy! Here's what I have received from Frieda -click for details:

She made a version of the 'Instant Book' but sewed it closed, I believe.
She used her newly made "blipfoto" cards to tuck into the books to identify!

Front cover, inside cover, pages 1,2,3,4, inside back cover and Back cover -
Perfect! And so colourful -filled with stamping & collage. 

Frieda even sewed some of her own photos from the
Blipfoto cards she had made directly on to her books.
Frieda really explains it best herself how she created these little books in this blogpost: Lenna's Little Books! But I also can't help but to share the little book she created for me -click for details:

The top of the book says, friendship is the essence of life.
I am definitely going to do something with the little square of stray fabric from Frieda's desk!
If you look closely at the cover of my book above, you may be able to see a transparency of Frieda's face with her eyes on either side of the Eiffel tower. This makes sense, as frieda loves all things French!

Live, Laugh & Love
with a photo of Frieda in the bottom right.
I love it! Thanks so much, Frieda.

Today is the opening of Frieda's solo exhibition for her Art Quilts held at The Gallery, Tweeddale Museum, Chambers Institute, High Street, Peebles, Scotland, UK from the 23rd April till 28th Mary 28th 2011. There is a private view on Saturday 30th April from 2 - 4pm. All are welcome!! -You'll find Frieda's email in the sidebar of her blog linked above should you need to contact her. I am so very happy for her to have the opportunity to showcase her talents in a solo exhibition, many congratulations, Frieda!!!

Take a look at: Her exhibition sign
Wow! Hanging her exhibit

xoxoxo My very best wishes for a fantastic exhibit, Frieda. You rock!

I almost forgot! This photo shows the size of Frieda's books -
xo -happy creating of little books!
 . . . This swap is full  . . .


Joanna said...

As expected from Frieda, absolutely beautiful artwork. They are so beautifully colourful, and I particularly like the photographs sewn in.


Pretty Things said...

So pretty - I wish I had that kind of creativity!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

So exciting. It's beginning ... getting to see all that art! Beautiful works from Frieda. hugs from Mexico, Donna

Cat said...

Ooooh, they are so lovely! And Frieda is so speedy!

friedaquilter said...

So happy you like your little book, Lenna! And thanks for publicizing my exhibition. I hope to put the little book I made for you on my blog before too long too, now that it's safely in your hands. And thanks to everyone who has already left such lovely comments on my books!

Linda said...

first of all-it's no surprise to me that Frieda is first to get her swap art in!!! These books are absolutely yummy!!!


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