Friday, January 27, 2012

* Tyvek beads for the swap *

I left the last bunch of beads I had made for the current swap out on my work table. Boy, did I smile when I walked past them today and saw my finds from yesterday's walk combined with these beads in a very pleasing composition! I had literally dropped the shells & feather there yesterday without really looking.

Isn't that pretty? Click on the photo for more details and shimmer. Tyvek beads are so interesting!  It also got me to thinking . . . while my experiments with Tyvek paper are in the lesson that comes with swap registration, I had not shown any of these beads on the swaps blog . . . 

I already have had a dozen or so people sign up for the swap, so I am very excited! Someone asked, and yes! You will receive a variety of beads from different artists in your swap returns. To read all about the Paper and Fabric bead swap, scroll down or follow this link!

happy creative day to you,

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