Friday, February 24, 2012

Barbara DeLisle: Bead Swap!

Whoo hoo! I have received my first entry for our bead swap from Barbara DeLisle in Florida. Barbara sent in 20 beautiful and unusual paper beads, all wrapped separately and labeled as I requested for ease of swapping -thank you!!!

please click on any photo for more details.
Barbara added end caps and wrapped wire around her beads.

Barbara also sent me a hostess gift, a necklace she made . . .

I'm wearing it right now!!

Thanks, Barbara! I often wear the butterfly necklace you created for me 
and gave to me via a previous creative swap. Lovely work you do! 
To see more of Barbara's art, please visit her blog:

The bead swap is due in my hands March 24th and there are 20 of us playing so far. You can still register! Find all of the details and how to register here: 

Thanks for making my day, Barbara! ; ^ ) 


Joanna said...

Barbara's beads are so beautiful! The necklace she made for you is gorgeous too. What a talented lady.


sharon said...

Barb has set the bar high! These are gorgeous, and your gift also! Can't wait till we swap!

Nancy said...

So glad to see the first beads rolling in... Pardon the pun. These are pretty. I've made an assortment... it's fun to try out the various materials for making these. Well done, Barbara!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

very very cool. hugs, Donna


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