Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trish Busby: Bead Swap

The second entry for the bead swap has arrived and this one is from Trish Busby. I will share a few photos I took below, but please visit her blog Art Anomaly to read more about how she created these wonderful beads! Trish has more photos and notes on how she made her different beads . . . which means her name will get added to the drawing for an extra package of handmade beads from me!

Here's one bead - Trish made her own individual plastic bags
by cutting larger bags & sewing them up - ingenious! 

click for more details - there's so much variety here.

Trish made great tags and packaged her beads individually with a flair!

She made an extra bead for me!
This is the one I chose, Trish. Thank you.

The beautiful mail art was also truly appreciated! 

Go visit Trish!  I so look forward to receiving the rest of the beads. Due in my hands 3/24.


Joanna said...

Trish's beads are SO beautiful, Lenna!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Really great beads you are receiving. Always so much fun to see them come in. Great mail art too. Take care. xo Donna


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