Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Angelika Westermann

From Germany, I have received 7 ATCs from Angelika Westermann! Our swap is a 6 for 6 ATC swap -so Angelika has sent an extra one for me, thank you! She did all of her ATCs in Sunset Colors . . . and the choice is really up to you. You can work with the hues of a sunset, or the colors of the Ocean, or create some of each! Just make sure you send them soon. April 23rd is less than a month away.

Angelika wrote that this swap was a challenge for her because she had never made paper ATCs before, only fabric ATCs. I think you will agree they are great! I am enjoying the variety so far from everyone. :o)

I really enjoyed the back of her ATCs and the titles! 

Here is the extra ATC - love it! 

Thank you Angelika for participating in my creative swaps once again.
I hope to see you back! 

I will have to start brainstorming what we might do next . . . 
Something with Fabric? Postcards? Small books?
Beads? Mail Art? hmmm . . . Ideas for me to entertain are welcome!
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