Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Sarah Boblit

Wow. This is Sarah's 12th creative swap with me! And remember, I took a break for 3 years, which makes it even more amazing she hooked up with me again!! If you fall in love with Sarah's ATCs and want to see more of her beautiful work, just go here.

Sarah's ATCs are made from FABRIC and are highly embellished. 
*Stitched and Beaded*

She did the backs in paper and included an extra ATC for me! 

My husband really loved these and asked if we could keep the one 
with the silver turtles, below right :)

I think they are all stunning! 
Remember this is a 6 for 6 swap. You certainly do not need 
to make an extra ATC for me. I am more wishing for
everyone's ATCs to be here by April 23rd!!

Enjoy the art as it comes in . . .
and get busy creating if you haven't yet!! xo

Steve & Lenna ❤


sharon said...

These are beyond stunning! Wow, I am in awe of these, such talent, so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Jewels said...

Oh my goodness Sarah and Lenna - absolutely gorgeous!

Sabine said...

my favourites are the "oceans"

bockel24 said...

wonderful, especially the blue/green ATCs!


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