Friday, March 18, 2016

Ocean/Sunset ATCs: Cynthia Jones

From Cynthia Jones in Florida we have 6 ATCs in lovely Ocean colors!

Below is the back of one of Cynthia's ATCs, just an idea of what you can do . . .
And also an "extra" ATC she sent for me, thank you.
Please note: This is NOT a requirement, this is a 6 for 6 swap! 

Cynthia also enclosed a note & asked if I had a distribution list so she could find out about any new ATC swaps and if I did, would I add her to the list. I do have a mailing list but it is not one I can manually add someone to, You need to sign up yourself.  It's through a service called Feedblitz. On the sidebar of the blog: (in case you are not reading this on the blog, but via a feed instead) you will see "Receive Blog Posts by EMail". I have two mailings that Feedblitz sends out for creative swaps. This first subscription box you see where you can enter your email is for receiving an email summary with ALL of the blog posts I have recently published. This is for you if you would like to keep up with everyone's swap entries without having to remember to go to the blog. The second subscription box is for an announcement email ONLY. When I announce a new swap I send out 1-2 announcements via a Feedblitz Newsblast email. So, you need to sign up through Feedblitz (it's free) and that way you decide when you want to be subscribed and when you don't! The third box is if you want to sign up for both of these emails and announcements from my own website (I have a blog there too). Just check which lists you want! 

I hope that clears that up. Cynthia is new to Creative Swaps and I figure others are too.... or perhaps you read via a feed and never saw the mailing list options! 


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