Monday, August 27, 2007

Circle Book Swap - Linda Kunsman, PA

Thank you, Linda for the beautiful circle pages that you have sent in for our swap!! I love what you have created. This swap is even more fun for me than I expected because it's so great to see everyone's take on the theme -what to make for a colorful circle page. I think when this is done and we all have our swapped pages back it's going to be one awesome book!

Those of you in this circle book swap, please send to my current address as this swap is due September 7th -- before I MOVE!! If you are in one of the other swaps due later this fall, I will be sending you my new address soon. It looks like we will be doing the closing on the 2 homes on the 14th of September, and that means I will be out of here the day before (although my mail will be forwarded). The Mother Goose ATC swap is not due till October 27th and the fabric bag swap not until November 15th, so there is plenty of time!

Here are the rest of Linda's pages . . . . . so beautiful!!

I love the way she has layered the text in black and white and the quote is fantastic! Click on any picture for more detail. I think what I like best about this swap is all the pages are so different from each other, yet so complimentary! I thank you ALL for participating and look forward to getting my mail over the next few days . . I have recently heard from Nina, JoAnn, Cat, Rena, and Michelle that their pages are on the way!
: ) lenna

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