Thursday, August 9, 2007

TWO new SWAPS! Mother Goose ATCs & Fabric BAGS

I have 2 new art swaps to announce! The first new swap I am hosting is an Alpha Stamps Mother Goose Fabric ATC Swap due in my mailbox October 27, 2007. Here are some samples and all of the details:

This is a 6 for 5 fabric ATC swap with a Mother Goose rhyme theme held in conjunction with There will be a free gift from Alpha Stamps for all participants -and - a special first prize for the most creative artwork; a Mother Goose Tote bag printed on 2 sides. See my website for more pictures!
MGoose ATC Swap Requirements:
1. Use at least one Mother Goose image on each of your ATCs, choosing from any of the Alpha Stamps collage sheets. Choose cardstock, transparency or a fabric sheet image. OR - use an Alpha Stamps Mother Goose rubber stamp image. Find all of the Alpha Stamps Mother Goose items, including, collage sheets, rubber stamps, charms and other fun things you can add to your ATCs on a special theme page that Leslie of Alpha Stamps has created for us on her website:

2. Use fabric to create your ATCs! You could use an Alpha Stamps fabric image on top of a cardstock or fabric ATC. Or use fabric as the base of your ATC and add an Alpha Stamps paper or transparency image. Or, stamp a mother Goose image on paper and add this to fabric by sewing or gluing. . . . The possibilities are endless! You are simply required to use an Alpha Stamps Mother Goose image (lots to choose from!) and fabric, in some way!

3. Size your ATCs 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and design them in either portrait or landscape orientation.
Create SIX ATCs and receive FIVE in return. One will go to Alpha Stamps for their on-line Art Gallery:
As a bonus, you will receive your 5 swapped ATCs sent back to you in a cool hand stamped Mother Goose ATC holder created for you by Lenna, example below.

4. Label the back of your ATCs with your name & contact info, plus the name of the swap: Mother Goose ATC Swap. Number your ATCs if you wish (1of 6).

5. Send your ATCs to Lenna so they arrive in her mailbox on (or before) October 27th, 2007. Late entries will be returned. Enclose a self addressed return envelope with sufficient U.S. Postage, or tuck in $2.00 cash for delivery within the United States. If you live outside of the U.S. please enclose $4.00 in U.S. funds/stamps OR PayPal $4.00 to: lenna[at]creativelenna[dot] com -for your returns. The results of this swap will also be showcased right here on the creative swaps blog: - please let me know if you have a website of your own that you would like me to link to on the swaps blog. Important! E-mail Lenna at the address above to inquire about signing-up or if you have any questions. You will receive Lenna’s mailing address to send your swaps to. * This swap will be limited to 30 participants! *

* * * The second new swap I am announcing is a Fabric bag (or purse) swap. Here are the details:

Anything Goes Fabric Bag/Purse Swap!
This one should be simple and fun! This is a one-for-one create your own Fabric Bag (or Purse) Swap. Anything goes: meaning any size, any style, and any fabric. Your bag can be handmade by you or purchased by you, and then embellished! I’ll show you a few examples of bags for inspiration, but it’s up to you what you do for this swap. The only requirement is that your bag must include fabric in some way. All of the participants will receive a small gift from me from my fabric stash, and I will also award one person a special first prize for the most creative & beautiful bag! All swap bags will be shown on my creative swaps blog: – so please let me know if you have a website you’d like me to link to when showing your work. Details: Create one fabric bag or purse, send it in to Lenna to swap by November 15th, and you will receive one fabric bag in return. All swaps must be delivered to Lenna by November 15th 2007 in order to be included in the swap; Late entries will be returned. Include a large, clearly printed mailing label and $3.00 in cash or postage stamps if you live within the USA. If you live outside of the USA we would love to have you join us. Please send $5.00 US cash or stamps if you have them – if not, send $5.00 via PayPal, payable to: lenna[at]creativelenna[dot]com - Use this same email to inquire about signing up for this swap and to receive my mailing address as well as ask any questions. * This swap will be limited to 30 participants! *
Thank you!! Examples of fabric bags:

Chris Peden made this bag >>>>

Sharon Regier made this one, below!


Val Duncan said...

I'm sorry I won't be able to participate in either of the new swaps as I will be away on holiday. I will look forward to your next posting of swaps & hope I will be able to join in another.
I will look forward to photos of these new swaps.
Kind regards Val - Downunder

Lenna Andrews said...

Thanks for letting me know, Val. And I look forward to having you participate at another time.

: ) Lenna

Lori G - Manlius, NY said...

Hi Leena,
I'd love to participate in the Fabric BAGS Swap. Do I need to "sign up"? Or just sent my bag (with postage,etc.)? I'm really happy to play in your swap! We've played in several Fat/Chunky books and I really admire your work!
Thanks, Lori

Lenna Andrews said...

Lori, if you mail me directly: I can send you my mailing address and add you to my list of swap participants. Yes, you need to "sign up" as participation is limited to 30 in each swap - but there is room for you. Just email me! I don't have YOUR email or I would email tou myself. Thanks.


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